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A 2068: Capital Fragment: Double Ionic

Fragment preserves part of two adjacent sides. Acanthus and scales on bolsters; egg, dart and lateral half palmettes on spiral end. Two pour channels in top, one dowel hole in bottom. From Stoa of Attalos ... 13 August 1952


MC 1002: Loom Weight

Broken below. Pyramidal, stamped. On one face a gem stamp with Pegasus (?). Πυραμιδοειδής αγνύθα, με εμπίεστη διακόσμηση. Φέρει αποκρούσεις στο κάτω τμήμα της. Well by Stoa Terrace Fountain. 4433 Leica, ... June 1955

MC 1003: Loom Weight

Pyramidal, stamped. A rosette deeply stamped on all four faces and top. Πυραμιδοειδής αγνύθα, με εμπίεστη διακόσμηση. Σχεδόν ακέραια. Well by Stoa Terrace Fountain. 4433 Leica, color slide ... June 1955

P 1893: Panathenaic Amphora Fragment

The upper part of a charioteer preserved, including his head, his left arm and the upper part of his right. Tucked under his left arm is a piece of white something, perhaps his cloak. He is beribboned ... 4th c. B.C.

L 5218: Lamp

Handle and some of rim missing; restored. Heavy soot deposit around nozzle; unbridged nozzle. Unglazed. Coarse brown clay. Type 2B of Agora collection. ADDENDA Fragments of two others in storage. Λύχνος ... June 1955

A 1296: Well Tiles: Inscribed

Drum of well tiles, intact when removed; one tile broken and repaired. Normal type with hand-holes and thickened upper rim. Red clay. Scratched on the top of the rim of each tile: /Α. Well; the third drum ... 11 August 1947

A 1312: Antefix: Plastic and Inscribed

The antefix is complete save minor chips; two joining fragments give part of the cover tile. Relief palmette with diamond heart; volutes below. The signature in relief letters along the bottom of the face: ... 8 October 1947


BI 746: Bone Stylus

Intact. Plain spade head; neatly finished point. Οστέινη περόνη ή γραφίδα. Σχεδόν ακέραια. Well by Stoa Terrace Fountain, dump. Stoa Gallery Case 4433 Leica, color slide ... June 1955


I 4256: Epigram Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Inscribed face and original top preserved. Copy of Marathon Epigram I. Four lines of the inscription preserved. Pentelic marble. Αντίγραφο επιγράμματος 4ου π.Χ. αιώνα. Η επιγραφή απλώνεται ... Ca. late 4th. century B.C.

L 4251: Discus of Lamp

Discus and rim only preserved. Rim, panels and globule rosettes. Discus, at left a tower out of which Hero leans; at right Leander, nude, swimming on top of the sea. Unglazed. Light red to orange clay ... 30 June 1947