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A 272: Lion's Head Spout Fragment

Lower jaw and muzzle broken away and the whole head torn from the sima. Hair of crown schematically rendered by pyramidal tufts placed on checkerboard arrangement. Assigned to either the Temple of Ares ... 5 February 1934


A 394: Sima Fragment

Broken on right end and along inner edge. At the left end there remains a trace of a cutting for a half-housing joint. Cyma reversa type crowned with an ovolo molding. On the front a band of palmettes ... 1932


A 439: Sima Fragments

a) Broken behind and at the right end. Traces of painted palmette on concave face. b) The right end. Pentelic marble. From the Temple of Hephaistos (earlier assigned to the Temple of Ares). a) Marble ... 31 January 1935 17 March 1952


A 700: Lion's Head Spout

Nose and mouth missing and tips of ears. Full thickness of sima preserved at back. Mane rendered on two rows of rather flat stylized tufts except over forehead where there is a third row of small tufts ... 18 April 1932


A 701: Sima and Akroterion Base Fragment

Corner sima, cut in one piece with the extremities of both the horizontal and raking sima. The sinking for the statue plinth has a curved outline. Beside the main sinking are two drilled hole perhaps intended ... 11 March 1937

A 707: Working Chips from Column

Two fragments, each preserving part of the periphery and a rough-picked end. Of a) the edge has been beveled, and both beveled edge and periphery have been worked with a toothed chisel. On the periphery ... 13 March 1937

A 708: Water Pipe Fragment

Only a fragment from one end. Heavy collar. Thin brown glaze on inside and in bands on outside. Storage uncertain. Perhaps Block 26/6. Not found on either shelf Dec. 2004. Marble Chips Pit. 117, 1616 ff ... 13 March 1937


A 1094: Sima Fragment

Fragment of flank sima, broken away at right end, and broken off close behind. Cyma reversa profile with half round at top edge. A half-housing joint at the left end with a tongue. Traces of a palmette ... 8 June 1939

A 1095: Sima Fragment

Fragment of raking sima, broken away toward upper end and close behind. On lower end, traces of a half-housing joint. Profile and decoration as of A 1094 (ΚΚ 1249). Curious undercutting on underside of ... 8 June 1939


A 1096: Sima Fragment

Fragment of raking sima, broken away at upper ends, and back. Of same scheme as A 1095 (ΚΚ 1250). Traces of half-housing joint at lower end. Similar undercutting on underside of lower end. Pentelic marble ... 8 June 1939