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A 4546: Revetment Fragment with Menorah

Right and left edges only preserved. Other edges broken. The menorah and a palm branch are deeply incised on a thin piece of revetment; apparently placed symmetrically on thin strip of revetment. The right ... 8 May 1933


B 881: Statuette : Aphrodite

Circular base, lightly moulded above and below. Standing figure, the right leg slightly bent. The figure is partly draped, with the cloak wrapped round her thighs, its bunched folds falling in front ... Card: 3rd A.D.


G 62: Egyptian Faience Figurine

Jackal-headed figure, broken off at about the knees. At the back, a rectangular support, pierced horizontally. Soft white clay; traces of green glaze. Cistern. Leica, color slide, 6-196, 407, III-71 Ptg ... 26 March 1936


I 727: Monument Fragment

Fragment of inscribed stele; inscribed on two faces. Broken away below and on one side. One face is earlier than the other; face A earlier, laws of 410-404 B.C.; face B later, sacred calendar of 403-400 ... Late 5th. century B.C.


I 1597: Base

Inscribed statue base. About the three exposed sides a band was left undressed around the bottom, and this projects ca. 0.025m. beyond the finished face above. This upper face would seem originally to ... Ca. 485 B.C.


I 3872: Epigram

Inscribed fragment. Fragment from the base for the statues of Harmodios and Aristogeiton. Inscribed face, original top, and right face preserved. Broken at left and bottom. Two lines of the inscription ... 477 B.C.


I 4707: Dedication

Relief with inscription; banquet. Intact, save minor fractures. Man reclining on couch holds bowl in left and corcucopia (rhyton?) in raised right. A woman sits at end of couch holding a bowl or box in ... 9 April 1937


I 6524: Decree Fragment

Inscribed fragment of stele. The top akroterion and some of the bottom below the setting line broken away; otherwise intact. An attempt was made in antiquity to break up the stele, and a narrow channel ... 337/336 B.C.


I 7012: Boundary Stone

Inscribed boundary stone. Face smooth 0.10m. down from top. Rough picked on top, sides and below 0.10m. on face. "O" for genetive "OY", "H" for aspirate; tailed "rho". Letter spacing: 0.026m. Pentelic ... 2 September 1966


I 7154: Dedicatory Monument Fragments

Inscribed fragments of votive or funerary reliefs. Cave of Pan relief. Fragment Ω 1525, broken all around. Part of top and bottom surfaces preserved. Bottom border of a stele with part of the tenon preserved ... 330-320 B.C. (?).