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B 98: Nail

Long tapering shaft; small head with edge slightly overhanging. Burnt layer. Leica ... 6 May 1933

B 115: Fibula

Made of a thin wire, round in section, but flattened to form the catch, which has broken away in part. Otherwise complete. Well, near bottom. 5th c. B.C. 425-400 B.C. Cf. P 2072. Leica, vii-87 ... 27 May 1933

B 153: Arrowhead

Triangular leaf shaped head. At the back, hole for shaft, beside which is preserved a barb. Floor of south room of S.W. building. Late 6th - early 5th c. B.C. Leica, vii-92 1967 ... 12 March 1934

B 193: Carpet Tack

Pointed tack with four-faced shaft and hollow rounded head like a mushroom. Hellenistic fill to west of terracotta drains. Leica, vii-83 ... 2 April 1934

B 210: Javelin Head

Leaf-shaped spearhead with ridge down middle of blade. Socket for shaft at base, chipped. Late mixed fill. Leica, vii-92 ... 19 March 1935

B 217: Earspoon

Short handle, tapering to a point. Cup-like end. Black fill west of Polygonal building. Leica, vii-87 ... 1 April 1935

B 221: Nail

A heavy spike, rectangular in section, with a round head. Compact brown earth : destruction fill of Fountain House. Leica, vii-83 ... 9 May 1935

B 231: Arrowhead or Spearhead

Large arrowhead or spearhead. Two-barbed, and with a stem to fit into the shaft. Modern fill. Leica, vii-92 ... 21 May 1935

B 243: Arrowhead

Triangular, triple-barbed arrowhead, with socket for the shaft, and a small hole in the side of the socket. The barbs broken at the tips. Cistern A. Leica, vii-92 ... 24 May 1935

B 257: Bell

The iron clapper missing save few rust marks. The ring at top worn thin from much use. below ca. 61.50m. Destruction debris north of east bay. Late Roman fill, perhaps disturbed. Leica, vii-83 ... 10 June 1935