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A 233: Water Pipe Section

Coarse, pinkish red to orange clay with some particles of mica. Buff slip outside; inside, and on face of lip, a thick red glaze or paint. 0.15m. from one end is an irregular hole, with a lid, for cleaning ... 23 June 1933


A 2295: Water Pipe Sections

a) Mended from many pieces, broken off and cracked; contains a lead pipe. No leading. b) The joints are cemented and bound with lead. Water deposit inside of both. Red clay with bits in it. Civic Offices, ... 2 May 1953

A 2651: Water Pipe

Complete. Ribbed outside. Orange clay. Smaller round pipeline along the Panathenaic Way (along O-Z boundary line). 935 Leica, 85-537 ... July 1956


A 2663: Water Pipe

Y-shaped junction pipe uniting the eastern and western outlets of the Southeast Fountain House; larger later system. Found in situ north of the Southeast Fountain House. Removed 25 July 1956. 5821, 5823-5824, ... 25 July 1956

A 3370: Perirrhanterion

Hemispherical depression on top. 7-9 Theseion Street. Build into the later of two rubble walls. 621 Leica ... 16 March 1962

IL 1100: Iron Meat-hook

Complete. Shaft with suspension ring at top and six up-turned prongs. The shaft extends below the prongs and ends in a single small hook. Turkish well. Leica ... 2 June 1950

IL 1365: Lead Strainer

Broken at one corner. A sheet of lead almost square pierced with 21 holes grouped together not quite in the center of the plaque. The broad edge of the plaque was bent back to help hold the strainer in ... 5 June 1954

IL 1419: Lead Pipe Fragment

Made of overlapping sheet of lead. Broken at both ends. Marble pile east of Odeion. Leica ... July 1956


S 1654: Draped Standing Female Figure: Aphrodite

The head broken off just above the base of the neck; the (raised) right arm, made separately and attached, missing, and the upper part of the cloak, held by the right arm, is broken away. Part of the left ... Middle of 2nd c. A.D.


ST 334: Bath Tub

Complete. The tub is apparently made from a re-used block. It is broken away at the back. Running lengthwise through the under surface is a channel, possibly an indication of an abortive attempt to split ... 1939