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MC 73: Tile

One corner preserved and part of an opposite side. The surface is stamped with small rosettes nearly arranged in rows. Unglazed. Pinkish buff clay. Cf. SS 3 and also SS 82. Well, in cistern arm. Leica ... 26 February 1934

MC 186: Stamp

Conical. On the base of the cone the stamp; the upper part served as a handle. On its bottom in relief, an egg for a large ovolo or egg and dart, surrounded by ridge. Unglazed. Pale yellow-buff clay. Cistern ... 30 May 1935

MC 577: Ring

Intact save for minor chips. Sides have slight batter; edges flattened top and bottom. Brownish clay; greenish buff slip. Cistern, middle fill. Container 4. Hellenistic. 365 Leica ... 9 May 1939

MC 578: Stamp

One side of stamp slightly broken. The stamp is a coarse palmette. Behind is a rough solid conical handle. Buff clay. Stamp for making a Megarian bowl mould. Cistern, upper fill. Container 4. 365 Leica ... 9 May 1939

MC 579: Ring

Cracked, but complete save minor chips. Sharply concave sides top and bottom edges flattened. Buff clay; greenish buff slip. Cistern, lower fill. Container 21. 3rd c. B.C. 365 Leica ... 13 May 1939

P 54: Mold Fragment for Moldmade Bowl

The center has a four-petaled rosette surrounded with concentric ridges; from the outer ridge radiate small triangles; between them, and from their points extend palm branches and palmettes, alternating ... 15 July 1931

P 65: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

At the top is a band of dots above an ovolo. On the body is an elaborately shaped kantharos, a centaur in rapid motion to the left and behind the centaur, the base of another vase. Beneath is a band with ... 20 July 1931

P 75: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Fragmentary horse and rider; the rider is reining in his horse with his left hand while with his right he hurls a spear downward, in the direction of his gaze. Attic clay; black glaze inside. Cf. P 85 ... 25 July 1931

P 85: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Animal (dog?) running left with the leg of another animal above. Pink clay; metallic black glaze. Cf. P 75. Cf. Agora XXII, no. 247. 2.40m. below lintel. Cave, south chamber, upper fill. 520 Leica, 80-26-8(w/P ... 29 July 1931

P 118: Mold Fragment for Moldmade Bowl

In center, a six-petalled rosette; around this a narrow groove; resting on this, on rising wall of bowl, a circle of small leaves. Underside of mold slightly concave; plain. Pinkish clay. Nb. p. 635, ... 20 July 1931