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A 2753: Well Head

Numerous fragments preserve less than half. Part of rim, wall and bottom, one handle and part of the other preserved. Flat rim, lug handles pierced. Band of dark glaze around rim, bottom and body. Well ... 20 April 1959

P 11: Vessel Fragments

a) Part of P 25263 (ΟΕ 282). A portion of a frieze with panels of circles separated from another panel by a band of hatched lines; the second panel with a lozenge in the middle and parallel lines; below ... 16 June 1931

P 80: Pyxis Fragment with Paint Decoration

Part of the side, narrowed at the middle, and a bit of the flat under-surface. On the outside, three wide bands, the upper and lower of purple paint, the middle one of black glaze partly fired red and ... 11 July 1931

P 215: Cup Fragment

Joins P 214. Three fragments joined, preserving nearly half of the circumference of the cup at the rim, and part of the body. The body was rounded, pinched in toward the top and flaring above to form a ... 11 February 1932

P 221: Vessel Fragment

To the left of the fragment, a large motif formed of boxed squares. In the cnetre, the lower part of the body and jointed legs (extremities missing) of a bird(?) or horse(?) with filling ornament ("running ... 13 February 1932

P 299: Jug with Glaze Decoration

Trefoil lip. Lip to body handle broken away. Jug leans forward, right, from flat but not level base. Squat body tapers to thickish neck. Decoration in horizontal bands of brown glaze; a reserved band at ... 2 March 1932

P 455: Pyxis Fragment: Corinthian

Fragment from rim and wall. Pattern in narrow stripes of brown glaze, the shoulder frieze including an hourglass motif in solid color. Lattice triangle and butterfly ornament. Inside covered with red ... 31 March 1932

P 459: Vessel Fragment

Thick semi-cylindrical fragment, from stand or neck of large pot. Three legs and the underpart of the body of a beast are preserved; animal proceeding left. Coarse pinkish-buff clay, with slightly lighter ... 1 April 1932

P 530: Kantharos

One handle broken, but repaired. Very small chip missing from rim near handle. Low ring base. Ray pattern around the base; above this, two decorated bands: double vertical zigzags and maeander (the patterns ... 5 April 1932

P 531: Stemless Kantharos

Stemless kantharos with ribbon handles. Decorated inside and out with irregular red stripes. Buff clay. Stripes in matte red. Bottom trimmed. Πρωτοαττικός κανθαρίσκος. Φέρει ακανόνιστες, διακοσμητικές, ... 5 April 1932