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[Image]  1997.20.0264

Different plans and sections. Top row: in ΠΘ, storage pit (Deposit B 14:5); in ΓΓ inhumation of a child, (Deposit E 19:2); Protoattic oinochoe fragment P 13284. Bottom row: in ΓΓ inhumation of a male (Deposit ... E. Brann (PD 1040, PD 1053) Piet de Jong (PD 434, PD 435) John Travlos (PD 1065 a, b) ... no grid for Q 17:6; Horizontal (normal) ... 1958


[Image]  2002.01.1117

Plan of 7th century house and Geometric cemetery ... H.A ... Horizontal (normal) ... 1959


[Image]  2002.01.1125

Plan of the Agora indicating wells, graves, and other deposits (Submycenaean, Geometric, Protoattic, and Black Figure) ... J. Travlos H. Athanassiades ... Horizontal (normal) ... 1959