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[Image]  2011.04.0082

View of current excavations above the the site of the Painted Stoa ... Craig Mauzy ... southeast Horizontal (normal) ... 21/7/2008


[Image]  2011.04.0027

A view southeast over the Athenian Agora, situated at the base of the Acropolis (Stoa of Attalos in background) ... Craig Mauzy ... southeast Horizontal (normal) ... 8/4/2009

[Drawing]  PD 1206-2010: Plan of the Agora with list of monuments.

Fold-out map in the Athenian Agora Site Guide, 5th edition, 2010.


[Image]  2004.01.0907

Area of the Agora after the War of Independence. Watercolor by J.J. Wolfensberger ... J.J. Wolfensberger ... 1834


[Image]  2011.04.0047

West side of the Agora, section Ε, after one month of excavation. The Temple of Hephaistos in the background ... Detail of 1-8. Cf. 2008.18.0028 northwest Horizontal (normal) ... 19/6/1931


[Image]  1997.15.0145

Restored plan of the southeast corner of the Agora (replaced by PD 2290). Scale 1:50 ... John Travlos ... Horizontal (normal) ... 1954


[Image]  2002.01.0863

Plan of the Agora, c. 490 B.C ... J. Travlos ... Horizontal (normal) ... 1954