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[Deposit]  C 18:11: Early drain channel pit

Ostrakon deposit, sand fill and pocket in floor of drain ... Ca. 490-480 B.C.


[Deposit]  K 6:2: Filling

4th century sandy fill west of Peribolos of the Twelve Gods, with animal bones, metal waste and much pottery ... 350-325 B.C.


[Object]  A 1198: Altar Fragments

Crowning moldings, hawk's beak with front, joint surface with anathyrosis at left, and concave top surface preserved. Soft yellow poros with thin layer of fine stucco on surface; traces of red paint on ... 26 August 1946


[Object]  A 1199: Altar Fragments

a) Fragment with part of a columnar surface (side or top) with projecting rough-picked fascia (as if of semi-attached column) at side, and smooth finished front surface with two sharp cut grooves, forming ... 26 August 1946


[Object]  A 1250: Finial Fragment

A single fragment preserves the tips of two petals of a palmette, and most of a third. Broken at right; finished surface below. A round smooth dowel hole goes through the fragment lengthwise; traces of ... 3 July 1947


[Object]  A 1266: Wall Block

Broken at top and back. Soft yellow poros with very smooth sawn front surface; slightly less smooth back and bottom. Anathyrosis joint surface at side. Same series as A 1267 (Η' 907). Altar of Pitt? Poros ... July 1947

[Object]  A 1267: Wall Block

Broken at top and sides. Also small joining pieces (not included on photograph). Same series as A 1266 (Η' 906). Altar of Pitt? Poros. From wall S.W. of Peribolos. Leica, XXVII-80 ... July 1947

[Object]  G 4: Ornament

Two mask-like female faces back to back. Broken at bottom, across necks, and chipped around other edges where a small plain projection occurs at the junction of the two heads. A heavy mass of curly hair ... 2 March 1932


[Object]  G 53: Amulet

A thin oval plaque, chipped at the bottom. On either side, a female head in relief, facing; the hair heavy curled mass hanging to the neck; around the neck, a triple-stranded necklace. Dark blue glass, ... 20 June 1935


[Object]  I 848: Dedication

Inscribed lintel block. The left end is embedded in cement, but the dimensions appear to be fully preserved; a few large chips missing from the top, and the junction with the door posts broken away at ... 20 May 1933