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[Deposit]  S 17:2

Circular pit and irregular cutting


[Object]  I 5510: Boundary Stone

Inscribed boundary stone of Agora. The corners of its upper are much rubbed. All surfaces were roughly picked. On the broad face that looks norheast, a band was smoothed with a toothed chisel across the ... 27 February 1938


[Object]  I 5675: Boundary Stone Fragment

Inscribed fragment of Horos stone; boundary stone of the Agora. Smooth picked except for a band on the face. Top much worn. Inscribed along top (missing) and side. Pentelic marble. ADDENDA Same style ... 22 February 1939


[Object]  I 5770: Boundary Stone

Inscribed baundary stone of Kerameikos. Left in place when section was filled. A roughly-trimmed block; its front face picked to be visible in its upper part; the top of the front face dressed with a toothed ... March 1939

[Object]  I 6835: Boundary Stone Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Broken above and below and at one side. The letters are on a smooth band at the center of each of the broad faces. On either side of the central band is a stippled band, then a smooth ... 10 February 1959


[Object]  I 7039: Boundary Stone

Inscribed Agora boundary stone. Top worn smooth by traffic. Corners broken. Inscription written retrograde across top and along left side. Inscription does not cover corners, a fact perhaps indicating ... 27 July 1967

[Object]  L 5362: Lamp

Mended from two fragments. Small fragment missing from under nozzle. Saucer with drawn out nozzle. Flat rim; rolled handle. Reddish-brown glaze inside and on handle. Type 4 of Agora collection. Panathenaic ... 27 May 1959

[Object]  L 5366: Lamp

Nozzle missing; otherwise intact. Saucer form with pinched in nozzle, rolled handle and flat base. Floor glazed and top of handle. Metallic dull black glaze, worn. Micaceous clay. Type 4 or 3 of Agora ... 10 June 1959

[Object]  L 5367: Lamp Fragment

Fragment preserving front part with pinched out nozzle. Turned in rim. Glaze inside. Red glaze, flaked. Buff clay. Type 8 of Agora collection. Panathenaic Way, Cut IV, cutting F 3. 1024 Leica ... 10 June 1959

[Object]  MC 455: Sphere

Spherical ball, without piercing, glaze or decoration. Pinkish buff clay. Geometric well. Basket 12. Leica, 81-368 ... 18 March 1938