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[Deposit]  C 20:2: Koukla Factory and related fills

Fills with many figurines and molds, possibly from terracotta factory. Coins: 31 May 1939 #11 1 June 1919 # 17-#18 7 June 1939 #16 9 June 1939 #27-#30 3 April 1947 #34 30 May 1947 #10-#11 3 June 1947 #1-#2 ... Mostly 200-150 B.C.

[Object]  A 99: Relief Mold Fragment

Clay mold for relief with ship scene. Cf. T 3121 and T 3660. Leica ... 19 March 1932

[Object]  A 1204: Relief Fragment: Gorgon

Part of a large flat round (?) clay plaque, with a gorgoneion in relief on one side. Nose and mouth and part of one cheek preserved. Scale somewhat over life-size. Tile fabric: coarse gravely pink clay; ... 17 April 1947

[Object]  MC 13: Mold Fragment

One corner of the mold preserved. Perhaps for part of an animal with a tail (?). Coarse pinkish buff clay with bits. Trench B. Middle Stoa Building fill. Leica ... 14 March 1933

[Object]  MC 14: Mold Fragment

Mended from two pieces, anciently broken. Broken all round except at the top. Mold for terracotta sima with rinceau pattern. The top has a projecting rim. Chariot group. Coarse pinkish buff clay with ... 14 March 1933

[Object]  T 136: Mold Fragment for Fish Figurine

Fragment of large mold for tail end of fish right (?). Back smoothed, with rounded edges. Coarse pinkish buff micaceous clay, full of large bits; Exact provenience uncertain. Leica ... 17 March 1932

[Object]  T 266: Mold Fragment for Drapery

Coarse pinkish buff clay. At bottom of drain 5. Leica ... 13 May 1932

[Object]  T 330: Mold Fragment for Snake Figurine

Fragment of mold with portion of snake (?) or animal tail (?). Rather coarse pinkish clay with small red and blue bits. Area of Roman intrusion into Geometric area. Leica ... 14-16 April 1932

[Object]  T 337: Mold Fragment for Relief

Fragment of mold for relief with floating drapery. Broken all round. The back flat. Coarse pinkish clay, with many air bubbles. Well. Mouth, along with 5th-4th c. B.C. sherds. Leica ... 1932

[Object]  T 376: Mold Fragment for Two Griffins attacking ...

First interpretation: mold for a sphinx (?). A thick tile-like fragment, flat in back. At the top, a bit of the edge of the mold preserved. Preserved is part of a wing, hind-quarters and tail, to left ... 9 March 1933