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[Deposit]  I 9:2: Burial in Metroon Drain Cut

Side-chamber at the bottom of a circular shaft. PD 427 ... Neolithic

[Object]  A 616: Capital: Ionic

Two joining fragments. Abacus, fillets, and top of volutes recut to make base for interior support of fourth period of church. Lower part of volutes cut off. Developed fifth century type egg and dart ... 18 February 1936

[Object]  A 829: Column Base Fragments: Ionic

Two non-joining fragments of a torus with six flutes. a) Preserves part of rectangular dowel cuttings on both top and bottom surfaces, at about the center. b) Perhaps preserves one corner of a similar ... 17 March 1938

[Object]  A 1467: Base: Ionic

A complete section of base, intact save minor chips. Torus with horizontal channelings. At center, a square dowel. Island marble. Cf. A 829. Marble dump east of Stoa, towards north. Leica, 80-78-20, 80-78-21, ... 10 June 1949


[Object]  A 1974: Monument Base: Ionic

A small fragment of the torus missing; minor chips; otherwise intact. The base consists of a lower member, on which rests a torus, cut from the same block. The middle section of the torus is worked horizontally ... 11 August 1949

[Object]  A 3454: Base Fragment

About one quarter of the circle remains. A cylindrical base finished with fine toothed chisel. A carefully worked scamillus, a carefully scratched circle 0.025m. farther in. On outer face a lightly scratched ... 6 June 1964

[Object]  A 4543: Column Base Torus: Ionic

Complete. Torus from Ionic base, horizontally fluted with six flutes. Square empolion cutting through center, carved from both sides, and at different orientations. Naxian marble. Same series as A 266 ... Second half of 6th century B.C.


[Object]  P 6072: Two-Handled Cup

Upper parts of handles and fragments from side wall missing; restored in plaster. High base ring; deep bowl; two vertical loop handles rising above rim, their attachments running well down the side wall ... 22 April 1935


[Object]  P 6073: Bowl

Fragments missing from wall, restored in plaster. The vase had been broken in antiquity and mended with string(?) passed through holes drilled along side the fracture. Round bottom; gently out-turned lip ... 22 April 1935

[Object]  P 8141: Krater Fragment

From an open pot, krater(?), glazed inside. Beside the handle attachment, linked spirals running vertically; the centers filled with glaze. Poor dull black glaze. Submycenaean. Disturbed protogeometric ... 3-6 March 1936