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[Deposit]  D 11:5: Pit and Well

Pit and well at eastern edge of Kolonos Agoraios with uniform fill ... Protoattic, late 8th-first half 7th c. B.C.

[Deposit]  E 14:4: Disturbed cist grave

Few human teeth and ribs. Catalogue card (P 3569) writes grave 3. (SD) ... Late Geometric


[Deposit]  E 14:12: Disturbed inhumation

Geometric Burial. Burial B in notebook. No objects. See Hesperia 14 (1945), p. 306, no. 85. PD 412 ... Late Geometric


[Deposit]  E 14:13: Grave of a youth

Geometric burial. Burial A in notebook. PD 412 (with Grave XXIV) ... Late Geometric

[Deposit]  F 12:1: Urn-burial of an infant

Shallow round pit scraped out of bedrock. Grave 18 in notebook. The confusion here is that P 5347 found in the grave was catalogued in B' but the large bowl fragment (P 6482) was catalogued in B (see nb ... Late Geometric


[Deposit]  F 12:6: Well 3

Possibly a short period of use but chiefly a debris filling including a number of fragments from disturbed early burials. Two pot fragments, believed to be from lower body of P 18525, added from Well 3 ... Ca. 575-550 B.C.


[Deposit]  F-G 12:1: Road Fills

Filling of early N-S road and related fills, in the area of the Geometric Cemetery south of the Tholos; various levels including plundered foundation trench. For late, disturbed or uncertain levels over ... 7th-6th c. B.C.


[Deposit]  F-G 12:2: Road Fills

Area of early road and Geometric Cemetery: late, disturbed or uncertain levels. Includes Geometric/Proto Attic material thrown in the Turkish well at 35/Δ. Includes between road and bedrock in Β'. Four ... 5 May 1934 19-23 March 1935 2 April 1935


[Deposit]  F-G 12:3: Inhumation of a woman

Grave 19 in notebook. Bones only. PD 411 ... Late Geometric

[Deposit]  G 12:1: Urn-burial of an infant

Grave 1 in notebook. Slightly disturbed by the digging of Pit A. A large oil jar containing the bones of a small child. A bit of plaster A 443 probably a modern intrusion (RSY) ... Ca. 600 B.C.