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[Object]  I 11: Marble Fragment

Inscribed columnar fragment. Hymettian marble. Found in a wall of a modern house, east of Temple of Hephaistion, below Agoraios Kolonos. 32 Leica ... 5 June 1931

[Object]  I 19: Grave Monument Fragment

Inscribed fragment of columnar grave monument. Traces of red paint in letters; slight apices. Hymettian marble. Found over the Temple of Zeus Phatrios and Athena Phatria in Byzantine context. 58 Leica ... 9 June 1931


[Object]  I 249: Marble Fragments: Bouleutic and Prytany List

Inscribed fragments. Fragment Ζ 11, fragment from the left side of an inscribed block. Broken top, bottom and back; the left side smooth picked. The lower part of the face is broken away at an obtuse ... (Ζ 11) 1933 (H 639) 17 May 1937 (Η 648) 25 May 1937


[Object]  I 351: Marble Fragment: Bouleutic List

Inscribed fragment. A large fragment, with a small part of the right side, picked fine, and a bit of the inscribed face, with parts of five lines of the inscription preserved; stoichedon. The finished ... 1933


[Object]  I 622: Marble Fragments: Bouleutic List

Inscribed fragments. Fragment Ζ 313, broken all round; face dressed with toothed chisel. Inscribed stoichedon. Another fragment (Π 152), joining the first, with four lines of inscription, stoichedon ... (Ζ 313) 28 March 1933 (Π 152) 22 February 1935


[Object]  I 701: Marble Fragment: Bouleutic List

Fragment of inscription. Broken on all sides. Traces of twenty-three lines in two columns. Pentelic marble. ADDENDA Joins with I 249a and I 1729a. Found in a modern cellar wall, Trench M (18-36/ΙΕ-ΚΑ), ... 19 April 1933


[Object]  I 828: Prytany Decree Fragment

Fragment of an inscribed stele. Part of fine picked right side preserved, and of back, rough picked; otherwise broken. The inscription enclosed in a wreath; to the left part of another wreath with its ... Mid. 3rd. century B.C.

[Object]  I 1280: Prytany Decree Fragment

Fragment of inscribed stele. The right side and the back are preserved; elsewhere broken. Inscribed in five lines, within a wreath; to the right, part of another wreath. Hymettian marble. ADDENDA With ... 30 January 1934


[Object]  I 1729: Monument Fragments: Bouleutic List

Three fragments of an inscribed stele. Fragment ΟΕ 89 a), broken on top, bottom, back and right side. The left side is smooth picked, with a smooth band along the front edge. The text is arranged in two ... 31 March 1934


[Object]  I 1765: Marble Fragment: Bouleutic List

Inscribed fragment. A bit of the right edge preserved; otherwise broken. Ten lines of the inscription preserved. Pentelic marble. ADDENDA With I 249. Found in late context, in the Bouleuterion Square ... 11 April 1934