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[Object]  S 785: Horse's Hoof

The life-sized hoof of a horse, that stood originally on its tip. Fine surface and careful work. Pentelic or Parian marble. Cistern, black earth, 2nd century B.C. Leica, LXXVIII-42, XXI-13 ... 8 June 1936


[Object]  S 907: Head of Male Figure from Relief

Broken from relief, somewhat battered, and the tip of the beard missing. Bearded male head, bald in front, turned to left. Three dowel holes in back and one in place of left ear. Outer exposed surface ... 6 May 1937

[Object]  SS 1845: Stamped Amphora: Chian

Whole jar with part of rim, most of the neck and shoulders restored. Cap. (barley, Lang 1954) 21.800. Red clay. Kantharos. Well; uniform Greek fill. kantharos Leica ... 4 April 1933

[Object]  SS 6618: Stamped Amphora Fragment: Unidentified

a) Top and bottom of jar broken; most of shoulder and neck with one handle preserved. The concave shoulder metts the body at a sharp angle. b) The base of a small amphora of similar fabric may belong; ... 21-24 February 1936

[Object]  ST 153: Bowl Fragment

From a bowl roughly rounded. Inside red miltos still adheres. Soft yellow poros. Pit, with marble chips. Cf. P 117 f. Leica, XX-21 ... 21-24 February 1936

[Object]  ST 174: Weight

A roughly pyramidal mass of stone, with a groove worked around its top as though for the attachment of a string. Very irregular in shape. Gray granular poros. Marble Chips Pit. 117, 1616 ff. Leica, XX-21 ... 13 March 1937

[Object]  T 1380: Mold for Seated Figurine

One side only remains, and that broken away above. Top rail of throne projects. Goddess type. Very massive. Flaky clay fired dark gray at the core; buff on the surface. Marble Chips Pit. 117, 1616 ff ... 13 March 1937

[Object]  T 1381: Mold for Standing Female Figurine

Broken away below waist; chipped elsewhere. A figure holding a dove to her bosom in her right hand. Very massive; features indistinct. Flaky clay fired dark gray at core; buff on surface. Marble Chips ... 13 March 1937

[Object]  T 1382: Mold for Female Protome

Broken away below on right side; inner surface of preserved part much chipped. A woman 's face preserved only in one eye, the tip of the nose, a heavy roll of hair and a stephane above. Marble Chips Pit ... 13 March 1937

[Object]  T 1383: Seated Female Figurine Fragment

Only the left side of the figure remains; head and legs completely gone. Seated goddess type, arms pressed close to thighs. Note that the clay was first pressed thin in the mould; then the concavity was ... 13 March 1937