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[Object]  P 10822: Oinochoe

Handle and much of wall missing; restored in plaster. Full ovoid body; round neck-mouth with concave profile; broad strap handle. Ring base. A thick light brown wash over the whole with darker bands around ... 26 May 1937

[Object]  P 13803: Black Glaze Amphora Fragments

From a small amphora, with high flat shoulder and long narrow neck, the body drawing sharply in below the shoulder. At upper break in neck, apparently a deep groove. Light ridge at junction of neck and ... 23 May-3 June 1938

[Object]  P 15352: Ostrakon of Themistokles Neokleous

Fragment of wall of a large coarse amphora, broken all around. Incised vertically on outside of fragment: Light red to buff clay. Cf. Hesperia Suppl. 5 (1941), p. 141, no. 29. Well, container 31 ... 12 May 1939

[Object]  P 15706: Ostrakon of Kallias Kratiou

Broken all around, but all original ostrakon surfaces apparently preserved. Fragment of side wall of coarse pot of pinkish-buff clay. Inscribed on outside, lengthwise to pot: Cf. Hesperia Suppl. 5 ... 9 June 1939

[Object]  P 15865: Black Figure Lekythos Fragment

Part of wall of chimney lekythos; chariot with three personages. White band above with double row of dots; white ground line; white for flesh, and for legs and tail of one horse. Marble chips pit. Box ... 1936-1937


[Object]  P 15866: Red Figure Pelike Fragment

Fragment from base of neck; male head left, bound by a heavy fillet. Glazed red outside; greenish within. No relief contour. Marble chips pit. Box 238. Leica, ΧΧ-88 ... 1936-1937

[Object]  P 15867: Lekythos Fragment with Graffito

Foot in two degrees, the lower part glazed. Lightly scratched on the underside: Marble chips pit. Box 238. Leica, XX-84 PD 1133-17(F 72) ... 1936-1937

[Object]  P 15868: Olpe Fragment with Graffito

The base and part of the lower wall preserved. Substantial disk foot, slightly concave beneath; the outer edge rounded. Inscribed on underside: Black glaze, worn, on walls and outer edge of foot; underside ... 1936-1937

[Object]  P 32018: Jug

Body preserved intact but handle missing and neck broken off at base. Flat bottom, globular, ribbed body. One strap handle attached below shoulder. Three incised grooves at base of slightly flaring neck ... 8-9 March 1939


[Object]  S 737: Foot and Drapery Fragment of Female Figure

Much weathered. Rough-picked beneath, with surface cut off by drill holes. Broken at back. A female right foot, with drapery hanging down beside it. Possibly a pedimental piece from the Temple of Hephaistos ... 28 April 1936