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[Object]  P 9475: Black Glaze Salt Cellar

Much of wall and base missing. False base ring; steep wall with simple convex profile. Poor brown glaze entirely gone from inside. Cf. Agora XII, no. 908. Marble chips pit. 117, 1616 ff. Leica, XX-87 ... 13 March 1937

[Object]  P 9476: Head Fragment

Only a fragment preserving part of the frontal roll of hair. Hair indicated by nodules covered with purple paint; the kerchief in applied white. Black glaze on inside along upper edge as preserved. Marble ... 13 March 1937

[Object]  P 9477: Ostrakon of Kallias

Fragment of a concave roofing tile. Broken in two pieces and mended. Name scratched on glazed surface: Brown glaze on outside. Marble chips pit. 117, 1616 ff. Leica, XX-81 ... 13 March 1937


[Object]  P 9478: Ostrakon of Menon

Handle of a plain amphora; the letters deeply incised on its outer side: Cf. Hesperia 24 (1955), p. 286, n. 2. For Menon, cf. P 8534 (ΚΚ 895), P 9479 (ΚΚ 1146). Όστρακο οστρακοφορίας Μένωνος. Πρόερχεται ... 13 March 1937

[Object]  P 9479: Cup Fragment with Graffito

Finely modelled base with reserved bands on edge and top. Ligature scratched on underside. Marble chips pit. 117, 1616 ff. Leica, XX-85 ... 13 March 1937