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[Object]  P 5154: Pitcher

Much of wall missing. High flaring base ring. Broad strap handle. Round mouth. The mouth fragment does not join directly. Restored in plaster. Flaky red glaze, thin on the body; heavier on the neck, base ... 12-15 March 1935


[Object]  P 5180: Storage Amphora

The tip and fragments from wall missing, the latter restored in plaster. Cigar-shaped body; swollen neck; thickened lip. Gritty yellow clay. Unglazed. Well by Stoa Pier 3. Leica, 99-64-14(12,13,15,16,17) ... 12-15 March 1935

[Object]  P 5190: Ostrakon of Aristeides Lysimachou

Part of a concave roofing tile, broken on left side. Inscribed on inside: Coarse pink clay with orange surface; red glaze on concave surface only. Well by Stoa Pier 3. Leica, IV-88 ... 12-15 March 1935


[Object]  P 5325: Red Figure Lekythos Fragment

Shoulder and foot missing. Body glazed black. On reserved ground line: an owl, right, head front. In front, olive branch. No contours. The spots on the bird's wing run to brown. Double row of diagonal ... 12 April 1935


[Object]  P 5326: Red Figure Lekythos Fragment

Fragment from upper part; neck, all of lower body, and part of one side missing. On reserved shoulder, two series of ray-like strokes; on front of body, a goat or deer, with front feet up, trying to eat ... 12 April 1935


[Object]  P 5333: Red Figure Lekythos

Neck and foot missing; shoulder reserved, with two rows of rays. Black glaze on body; on front, on reserved ground line, head and shoulder of a draped woman left, wearing a cap and facing a vine. Careful ... 13 April 1935


[Object]  P 5444: Red Figure Cup

Glaux cup. About two-thirds of the rim and most of one side missing; a trace of the start of a horizontal handle remains. Heavy ring foot; rather thick fabric. On each side, an owl right, head facing, ... 13 April 1935


[Object]  P 5446: Red Figure Skyphos Fragments

Head and part of the shoulder of a draped youth left, his right shoulder uncovered, and right arm extended. Around his head a wreath, carefully drawn in an added color, now lost. Relief contour, for profile ... 13 April 1935

[Object]  P 5448: Black Glaze Askos

The handle and the end of the spout are broken off. Flat, slightly projecting base; convex body. Thin black to brownish glaze, peeled in places; reserved beneath. Well 5. Leica, 82-170 ... 15 April 1935

[Object]  P 5449: Skyphos Fragment with Graffito

From skyphos with ring foot; incised inside the foot on the bottom: The resting surface and the space inside the foot reserved, washed with pink. Well 5. Leica PD 788, PD 1133-12(C 26) ... 16 April 1935