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[Object]  P 31657: Griddle or Frying Pan Fragment

"Bean Parcher". Fragment of rim and handle preserved. Shallow vessel with plain rim, with slight groove on interior. Loop handle attached at rim. Very micaceous fabric with black inclusions, white inclusions ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  P 31658: Chytra Fragment

Handle and part of rim and shoulder preserved. Plain, out-turned rim, with strap handle attached. Handle runs down to shoulder. Micaceous fabric with many voids. 5YR 6/6. Cf. Agora XII, no. 1932. Catalogued ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  P 31659: Chytra Fragment

Handle and part of rim and shoulder. Vertical rim with flange on inside to receive lid. Broad strap handle from rim to shoulder. Lidded. Micaceous fabric with voids. 5YR 6/6. Cf. Agora XII, nos. 1943-1945, ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  P 31660: Chytra Fragment

Part of rim and spout. Vertical rim with flange on inside. Slightly flaring spout with small hole communicating to inside of pot. Lidded. Micaceous fabric with black and red and white inclusions. 5 R ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  P 31661: Lopas Fragment

Rim fragment. Plain rim with flange on inside to receive lid. Shallow body. Surface of floor lightly striated. Micaceous clay with voids, small black inclusions. Some fine white inclusions. 5YR 6/6 ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  P 31662: Eschara Fragment

Rim fragment, with part of handle. Shallow body, broad flat rim, overhanging on inside. Horizontal handle, round in section, attached below rim. Burning on inner edge of rim. Fine micaceous clay with ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  P 31663: Eschara Fragment

Rim fragment. Broad flat rim with long narrow spit support. Concave profile outside. Semi-fine micaceous fabric with tiny black inclusions and large white inclusions (some quartz), voids. 5YR 7/6. Burning ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  P 31664: Eschara Fragment

Rim fragment. Flat rim with part of spit support on top surface. Upper part of outer wall concave, with slightly overhanging lip. Semi-fine micaceous clay with white, red, and black inclusions, few voids ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  P 31665: Lekane

Fragment of rim, with one handle. Deep body. Out-turned, overhanging rim, convex on top. Horizontal handle, round in section, below rim, angling up towards rim slightly. Glaze: interior, top surface of ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  P 31666: Lekane Fragment

Rim fragment, with one handle. Deep body, fairly narrow rim, flat on top, curved down and overhanging to outside. Handle, round in section, joined below rim, angled up to slightly below level of rim. Interior ... 27 June-5 August 1972