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[Object]  P 28420: Black Glaze Saucer

Mended from three pieces. About one-fourth of rim missing. Slightly concave bottom. Flat rim. Glazed inside and outside. Glaze unevenly applied and poorly fired. Orange clay; peeling black to red glaze ... 21 July 1970

[Object]  P 28421: Saucer

Mended from five pieces. Part of wall and rim missing. Flat bottom, flaring wall. Rounded rim, incurved. Glazed inside and outside. Intentionally fired red. Orange clay, red glaze. Pit. 1147 Leica ... 21 July 1970

[Object]  P 28422: Black Glaze Lekythos

Squat body. Mended from three pieces. Neck and part of body missing. Ring foot, plump body. Reserved: resting surface and bottom, triangular area on body on which palmette is painted. Orange clay. Unevenly ... 21 July 1970

[Object]  P 28423: Black Glaze Cup Kantharos with Rouletting ...

Mended from four pieces. Much of body and rim missing. Moulded foot, concave beneath, with groove in resting surface. Moulded rim, shallow body. Decoration on inside: four palmettes in circle within rouletting ... 21 July 1970

[Object]  P 28424: Black Glaze Plate Fragment

Mended from two pieces. Most of foot and much of wall and rim missing. Ring foot, concave moulding under rim. Rim flat and horizontal. Rim and resting surface reserved. Glazed inside and outside. Dull ... 21 July 1970

[Object]  P 28425: Black Glaze Plate Fragment

Mended from two pieces. About one-third of plate preserved. Low ring foot, very shallow wall. Rim flat and rilled, sloping outward. Resting surface and rim reserved. Glazed inside and outside. Orange ... 21 July 1970

[Object]  P 28426: Black Glaze Askos

Missing are handle, spout, and chips from nose and elsewhere. Moulded sheep, head turned slightly right. Lying down, with legs tucked under. Fleece indicated by indentations. Handle at middle of back, ... 21 July 1970

[Object]  P 29416: Stemmed Bowl

Mended from three pieces. Chips missing. High stemmed foot, deep bowl. Fired mainly red. Orange clay. Crossroads enclosure, layer 10. 1754 Leica ... 17-20 August 1971, 28 March-4 April 1972

[Object]  P 29901: Black Glaze Skyphos

Mended and restored. Recessed, grooved underside. Tapering foot. Handles missing. Black glaze throughout. Red clay. Crossroads enclosure, layer 10. 1754, 1768 Leica ... 17-20 August 1971, 3 April-5 May 1972

[Object]  P 29915: Black Glaze Cup Fragment with Graffito

Broken on three sides. About one-fifth of foot preserved. Foot of black glaze cup with graffito. Attic clay. Stoa Shop I, layer I. 945 Leica ... 24 July 1972