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[Object]  P 6503: Red Figure Lekythos Fragment

Lower part preserved. Low ring foot. Decoration on front only: egg and dart ground line, on which preserved, left, a rectangular object; right, a wool basket. Four joining pieces added from tins give both ... 21 March-16 April 1935


[Object]  P 6504: Red Figure Lekythos Fragment

Maeander below shoulder. Head and upper body of draped woman, left. Well 5. Leica, 92-15-6 ... 21 March-16 April 1935


[Object]  P 6505: Red Figure Cup

Glaux Cup. A small part of the rim preserved; none of the handles; none of the base; restored in plaster. On each side an owl, head facing, between olive sprays. Well 5. Leica ... 21 March-16 April 1935


[Object]  P 6506: Red Figure Askos Fragments

Two fragments, both mended, both from the top and shoulder. The start of a handle remains at the back of the larger fragment. A high-type askos with a reserved band just below the shoulder. On one side ... 21 March-16 April 1935


[Object]  P 6507: Red Figure Oinochoe Fragment

The base and a fragment of the wall preserved. On an egg and dart ground line lower half of a draped female figure, right. Cf. P 1050. Careful work; no relief contours. For the shape cf. Richter and ... 21 March-16 April 1935

[Object]  P 6510: Black Glaze Cup Skyphos Fragment: Stamped

From the floor of a bowl on a ring foot with projecting lower edge. Between two concentric circles around center, stamped lotus flowers set end-wise. Outside, linked palmettes. Well 5. Leica ... 21 March-16 April 1935

[Object]  P 6512: Black Glaze Mug: Stamped

None of the rim or handle preserved. Walls restored in plaster. The wall is ornamented by vertical grooves in groups of three, and by stamped eggs and palmettes. At the bottom of each set of grooves are ... 21 March-16 April 1935

[Object]  P 6514: Black Glaze Bolsal: Stamped

About one-third of rim preserved and the base of one handle. Ring around center of floor surrounded by linked stamped lotus flowers. Clay pink to gray; the underside of the pot and circles beneath, reserved ... 21 March-16 April 1935

[Object]  P 6517: Black Figure Skyphos Fragments

Profile complete. In handle zone, satyr chasing nymph, between palmettes each side of handles. No incision. Reserved band below. Well 5. Leica ... 21 March-16 April 1935

[Object]  P 6518: Black Glaze Stemless Cup

Complete except for two rim fragments. Circles and dot underneath. Pinkish buff clay, good black glaze. Well 5. Leica, 82-40 PD 1153-19 ... 21 March-16 April 1935