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[Object]  L 5916: Lamp Fragment

Ca. one-forth of body and part of nozzle. Raised disk base, slightly concave underneath. Low body with wall curving into convex rim. Glazed interior. Glaze on nozzle and top. Reserved band on top. Note ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  L 5917: Lamp Fragment

Ca. one-third preserved, without nozzle. Raised base, convex and reserved underneath. Low wall with rounded shoulder. Two reserved and miltosed lines on top. Shiny black glaze, much peeled. Attic clay ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  L 5918: Lamp

Over half preserved, with two nozzles and base of handle. Third nozzle missing. Low ring foot with flat resting surface. Resting surface reserved. Underside reserved and miltosed with two glazed circles ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  L 5919: Lamp Fragment

Single fragment of shoulder, wall and handle base. Flat top sloping down to filling hole. Angular shoulder. Straight upper wall, nearly vertical, meets lower wall at angle. Base of strap handle. Reserved ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  L 5920: Lamp Fragment

Nozzle area and one-fourth of wall, trace of base. Raised base, curved wall, round shoulder. Offset on top. Short nozzle. Shiny red glaze on upper body, nozzle and inside. Attic clay, rather soft. Type ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  L 5922: Lamp Fragment

About one-third of base preserving nozzle. Raised base, reserved and miltosed, grooved underneath. Side of foot also reserved and miltosed. Curved shoulder. Fairly long nozzle with small wick hole. Shiny ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  L 5923: Lamp Fragment

Fragment preserving wall, part of base and base of handle. Raised base, concave and grooved underneath. Rounded shoulder. Top curves down steeply into filling hole. Horizontal strap handle. Reserved, underside, ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  L 5924: Lamp Fragment

Fragment of wall and base at nozzle. Raised base, reserved underneath. Overhanging top. Shiny black glaze. Type 16B of Agora collection. Cf. L 5193, L 5154. Catalogued 30 July 1984. Pit. 965 85-35-15, ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  L 5925: Lamp Fragment

Fragment of top and side. Flat top sloping down to filling hole, overhanging side. Shiny black glaze on top, unglazed side and interior. Type 16B of Agora collection. Catalogued 30 July 1984. Pit. 965 ... 27 June-5 August 1972

[Object]  L 5926: Lamp Fragments

Two non-joining fragments of rim and body. Rounded lower body meeting top at angle. Slight moulding at inner and outer side of top. Top convex. Shiny black glaze inside and out. Cf. Kerameikos XI, no ... 27 June-5 August 1972