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[Object]  P 2376: Storage Amphora with Dipinto: Mendean

Mended from many pieces; bits of rim, neck, shoulder and sides restored. Thumb marks as usual. Letter under either handle: Η Reddish-buff clay. Well, uniform Greek fill. Leica ... 4 April 1933

[Object]  P 4854: Black Glaze One-Handler

Handle missing. Reserved band at junction of body and base. On underside, alternate bands of black glaze and miltos. Trial pit behind retaining wall of stoa, layer I. Leica ... 24 February 1935


[Object]  P 5113: White Ground Bobbin Fragment

From a double disc: bobbin or yoyo? Nearly two-thirds of one disk preserved; broken at the left. On the disc, Helios with the solar disk on his head and a goad in his hand, rises above Mt. Hymettos in ... 12-15 March 1935


[Object]  P 5114: Red Figure Neck Amphora Fragment

Foot and fragments from wall, missing. Restored in plaster. A. Woman running right. B. Lower part of draped figure running left. On both sides, a female figure clad in chiton and himation moves either ... 13 March 1935


[Object]  P 5115: Red Figure Oinochoe Fragment

Part of base with ring foot and of lower wall remains. On a reserved line the feet of two athletes, one stationary, to left, the other to right, only his toes touching the ground. Relief contours. Glossy ... 12-15 March 1935