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[Object]  P 25357: Red Figure Pelike Fragment

[Originally identified as stamnos.] Small wall fragment. Face of figure right wearing a woolen fillet with leaves. In front of the figure part of a vertical straight object (thyrsos?). If so, the figure ... 1937

[Object]  P 28411: Black Glaze Cup Skyphos with Rouletting

One handle mended, one handle restored. Chips missing from rim. Molded ring foot. Rim offset inside. Underside rises to nipple. Groove above junction of wall and foot. Resting surface grooved. Decoration ... 21 July 1970

[Object]  P 28412: Black Glaze Plate

Slightly more than half missing. Restored in plaster. Mended from four pieces. Ring foot. Rilled rim. Resting surface and rim reserved. Glazed all over. Black glaze, peeling and chipped. Orange clay ... 21 July 1970

[Object]  P 28413: Black Glaze Bowl

Mended from three pieces and restored in plaster. Ring foot. Groove in resting surface. Plain rim, in-turned, rounded on top. Glazed inside and out. Resting surface reserved. Orange clay, black glaze ... 21 July 1970

[Object]  P 28414: Black Glaze Bowl: Stamped

Mended from ten pieces and restored in plaster. High ring foot; angled wall; rim projecting outward. Decoration inside: ring of unevenly positioned palmettes around rosette of stamped ovules; ring of ovules ... 21 July 1970