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[Object]  P 5144: Black Glaze Skyphos Fragment with Graffito: ...

Part of the base remains. From a skyphos similar to P 5141 (Α 1063). Neatly incised on underside of base ring. Cf. Agora XII, no. 314. ADDENDA P 5141: Flaring foot, lip slightly incurved, two purple ... 12-15 March 1935

[Object]  P 5145: Black Glaze Skyphos

Fragments from wall missing. Massive fabric; stout shape, unbroken upper wall. Ring foot. Line of glaze scratched from junction of foot and wall exposing a miltos-covered surface. Well by Stoa Pier 3 ... 12-15 March 1935

[Object]  P 5146: Black Glaze Plate Fragment

Only a segment of the outer edge remains. Simple base ring. Massive fabric. Reserved: on top, bands along middle of rim and at juncture of rim and floor. On underside, junction of rim and side wall and ... 12-15 March 1935

[Object]  P 5147: Black Glaze Bowl Fragment

Most of wall is missing. Simple base ring. Unbroken curve in wall. Open mouth. Reserved band at junction of foot and wall. Inside foot reserved, with glazed dot and circle. Well by Stoa Pier 3. Leica, ... 12-15 March 1935


[Object]  P 5148: Black Glaze Salt Cellar

Fragment missing from wall. Flat bottom, slightly concave side wall. Top of rim reserved; a reserved rill around lower wall; bottom reserved. Well by Stoa Pier 3. Leica, 5-279, 6-390, 82-494, color slide ... 12-15 March 1935

[Object]  P 5149: Black Glaze Salt Cellar Fragment

Much of side wall missing. Flat bottom with a shallow depression towards its middle. Concave wall profile. Reserved: a band near bottom of wall, top of rim, the underside. Well by Stoa Pier 3. Leica, 6-390, ... 12-15 March 1935

[Object]  P 5150: Black Glaze Mug Fragment

Handle and part of wall remain. Broad strap handle bulging body inset at neck. Dull black glaze. Well by Stoa Pier 3. Leica, 5-279, 6-390 ... 12-15 March 1935

[Object]  P 5151: Black Glaze Lekythos

Flat bottom, straight side profile. Shoulder and neck reserved On top of shoulder two bands of short parallel bars (debased lotus bud pattern). Bands around the body of added color (red?): two at the shoulder ... 12-15 March 1935

[Object]  P 5152: Black Glaze Askos Fragment

Handle and much of the wall missing. Of the high type with a central tube. Round flaring mouth. The bottom reserved. Cf. Agora XII, no. 1166. Well by Stoa Pier 3. Context 2nd. quarter of 5th. c. B.C ... 12-15 March 1935

[Object]  P 5153: Black Glaze Askos Fragment

Base and low wall, mouth and part of handle remain. Upper and lower parts do not join directly but they may be placed together with assurance. Strengthened with plaster. Massive foot ring; round body; ... 12-15 March 1935

[Object]  P 5154: Pitcher

Much of wall missing. High flaring base ring. Broad strap handle. Round mouth. The mouth fragment does not join directly. Restored in plaster. Flaky red glaze, thin on the body; heavier on the neck, base ... 12-15 March 1935


[Object]  P 5180: Storage Amphora

The tip and fragments from wall missing, the latter restored in plaster. Cigar-shaped body; swollen neck; thickened lip. Gritty yellow clay. Unglazed. Well by Stoa Pier 3. Leica, 99-64-14(12,13,15,16,17) ... 12-15 March 1935

[Object]  P 5190: Ostrakon of Aristeides Lysimachou

Part of a concave roofing tile, broken on left side. Inscribed on inside: Coarse pink clay with orange surface; red glaze on concave surface only. Well by Stoa Pier 3. Leica, IV-88 ... 12-15 March 1935


[Object]  P 5325: Red Figure Lekythos Fragment

Shoulder and foot missing. Body glazed black. On reserved ground line: an owl, right, head front. In front, olive branch. No contours. The spots on the bird's wing run to brown. Double row of diagonal ... 12 April 1935


[Object]  P 5326: Red Figure Lekythos Fragment

Fragment from upper part; neck, all of lower body, and part of one side missing. On reserved shoulder, two series of ray-like strokes; on front of body, a goat or deer, with front feet up, trying to eat ... 12 April 1935


[Object]  P 5333: Red Figure Lekythos

Neck and foot missing; shoulder reserved, with two rows of rays. Black glaze on body; on front, on reserved ground line, head and shoulder of a draped woman left, wearing a cap and facing a vine. Careful ... 13 April 1935


[Object]  P 5444: Red Figure Cup

Glaux cup. About two-thirds of the rim and most of one side missing; a trace of the start of a horizontal handle remains. Heavy ring foot; rather thick fabric. On each side, an owl right, head facing, ... 13 April 1935


[Object]  P 5446: Red Figure Skyphos Fragments

Head and part of the shoulder of a draped youth left, his right shoulder uncovered, and right arm extended. Around his head a wreath, carefully drawn in an added color, now lost. Relief contour, for profile ... 13 April 1935

[Object]  P 5448: Black Glaze Askos

The handle and the end of the spout are broken off. Flat, slightly projecting base; convex body. Thin black to brownish glaze, peeled in places; reserved beneath. Well 5. Leica, 82-170 ... 15 April 1935

[Object]  P 5449: Skyphos Fragment with Graffito

From skyphos with ring foot; incised inside the foot on the bottom: The resting surface and the space inside the foot reserved, washed with pink. Well 5. Leica PD 788, PD 1133-12(C 26) ... 16 April 1935

[Object]  P 5453: Black Glaze Pyxis Lid with Graffito

Flat circular lid with downward rim to fit over pyxis. Small vertical handle at center of top. Glazed black, except interior and handle. Incised around edge of top. Κάλυμμα μελαμβαφούς πυξίδος με το όνομα ... 16 April 1935


[Object]  P 5454: Red Figure Lekythos: Inscribed

Handle and neck missing. On front, draped youth right, leaning on his staff. To each side of him a stele, on which is written in black letters running vertically, ΚΑΛΟΣ. Shoulder reserved with two rows ... 16 April 1935

[Object]  P 5455: Skyphos

Flat-bottomed cup with slightly projecting flattened rim, and two horizontal loop handles, tilted slightly up (one is missing). Dull reddish glaze over all except upper surface of rim which has five ... 16 April 1935

[Object]  P 5456: Black Glaze Echinus Bowl

Ring base; shallow bowl with plain lip. Entirely glazed black except for bottom, inside foot. Heavy fabric, pink wash inside foot. Well 5. Leica PD 1190-7 ... 16 April 1935

[Object]  P 5458: Black Glaze Salt Cellar with Graffito

Half of a flat-bottomed black glazed salt cellar. Pink wash on the bottom. On the inside the ligature , as on vases from Section Α, well by Stoa Pit 3 (see P 5116). Cf. Agora XII, no. 912. Well 5. Leica ... 16 April 1935


[Object]  P 5493: Red Figure Lekanis Lid Fragments

From a lid. Around base of handle, purple band. a) Draped woman being carried off right by satyr. b) Draped woman, fleeing; arm outstretched, hand holding a torch. Well 5. Leica, I-64 ... 15 March 1935


[Object]  P 5494: Red Figure Cup Fragments: Type B

From the inside of a kylix, the medallion bordered by maeander, interrupted by crosses with dots between the arms. a) Upper part of nude youth facing, head turned to left. Wreath in added color. b) Part ... 15 March 1935


[Object]  P 5495: Red Figure Oinochoe Fragments

From the shoulder of a small pot; oinochoe. Thin glaze inside along lower edge of fragment only. Outside, below border of egg pattern, head of youth, right. Partial contours, the hair brown. Many more ... 15 March 1935

[Object]  P 6501: Red Figure Bell Krater Fragment

Most of the foot preserved; one handle missing and more than half of the other; of the lip only a small bit of the lower edge preserved. The walls fragmentary, especially at the sides and on face A. Egg ... 21 March-16 April 1935

[Object]  P 6502: Red Figure Skyphoi Fragments: Type A

Five non-joining fragments of various skyphoi, Attic type. Fragment a) from one vase; fragments b), d) and e) from another; fragment c) probably from a third. a) Preserved from lip to just below the reserved ... 21 March-16 April 1935


[Object]  P 6503: Red Figure Lekythos Fragment

Lower part preserved. Low ring foot. Decoration on front only: egg and dart ground line, on which preserved, left, a rectangular object; right, a wool basket. Four joining pieces added from tins give both ... 21 March-16 April 1935


[Object]  P 6504: Red Figure Lekythos Fragment

Maeander below shoulder. Head and upper body of draped woman, left. Well 5. Leica, 92-15-6 ... 21 March-16 April 1935


[Object]  P 6505: Red Figure Cup

Glaux Cup. A small part of the rim preserved; none of the handles; none of the base; restored in plaster. On each side an owl, head facing, between olive sprays. Well 5. Leica ... 21 March-16 April 1935


[Object]  P 6506: Red Figure Askos Fragments

Two fragments, both mended, both from the top and shoulder. The start of a handle remains at the back of the larger fragment. A high-type askos with a reserved band just below the shoulder. On one side ... 21 March-16 April 1935


[Object]  P 6507: Red Figure Oinochoe Fragment

The base and a fragment of the wall preserved. On an egg and dart ground line lower half of a draped female figure, right. Cf. P 1050. Careful work; no relief contours. For the shape cf. Richter and ... 21 March-16 April 1935

[Object]  P 6510: Black Glaze Cup Skyphos Fragment: Stamped

From the floor of a bowl on a ring foot with projecting lower edge. Between two concentric circles around center, stamped lotus flowers set end-wise. Outside, linked palmettes. Well 5. Leica ... 21 March-16 April 1935

[Object]  P 6512: Black Glaze Mug: Stamped

None of the rim or handle preserved. Walls restored in plaster. The wall is ornamented by vertical grooves in groups of three, and by stamped eggs and palmettes. At the bottom of each set of grooves are ... 21 March-16 April 1935

[Object]  P 6514: Black Glaze Bolsal: Stamped

About one-third of rim preserved and the base of one handle. Ring around center of floor surrounded by linked stamped lotus flowers. Clay pink to gray; the underside of the pot and circles beneath, reserved ... 21 March-16 April 1935

[Object]  P 6517: Black Figure Skyphos Fragments

Profile complete. In handle zone, satyr chasing nymph, between palmettes each side of handles. No incision. Reserved band below. Well 5. Leica ... 21 March-16 April 1935

[Object]  P 6518: Black Glaze Stemless Cup

Complete except for two rim fragments. Circles and dot underneath. Pinkish buff clay, good black glaze. Well 5. Leica, 82-40 PD 1153-19 ... 21 March-16 April 1935