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[Object]  T 3050: Mold Fragment

Broken on all sides. On projecting fascia a design not unlike a badly made egg and dart; below (or above) part of a rectangular pattern possibly tip of a pot. Architectural terracotta (?). Coarse red-buff ... 7 April 1938

[Object]  T 3061: Mold Fragment for Relief Plaque

Front, back, side (probably right), and frame at front of same side preserved, otherwise broken. Drapery (?) in relief on a large, flat rectangular plaque. Coarse, gritty clay, buff at the surface, darker ... 13 April 1951

[Object]  T 3083: Plaque Fragment: Architectural decoration

Lower edge and back surface preserved. Moulded relief decoration; preserved are the legs of a figure striding right. Plain raised band below. Broken above and at sides. Brick red clay with grits; remains ... 31 May 1951

[Object]  T 3109: Mold Fragment

Preserves segment of mold for circular plaque; large scallop around the edge. Gritty pinkish clay. Cf. T 1700, T 2415. ADDENDA Cf. T 2143, similar type, but different clay. Area South of East-West late ... 10 March 1952

[Object]  T 3118: Mold Fragment

Preserves a good bit of drapery, apparently near waist and elbow of almost life-sized figure (?). Broken all around, except back. ADDENDA Perhaps Amphitrite (?). Agora sample no. 276. Fourth century Hole ... 20 March 1952

[Object]  T 3119: Mold Fragment

Preserves portion of flowing drapery or of a wing. Broken all around, except back. ADDENDA Perhaps a dancing Maenad (?). Fourth century Hole. 1635 Leica ... 20 March 1952

[Object]  T 3120: Mold Fragment

Preserves two striding legs and a little drapery. Broken all around except back. ADDENDA Perhaps a dancing Maenad (?). Area South of East-West late Roman Wall; fourth century Hole. 1635 Leica ... 28 March 1952

[Object]  T 3121: Mold Fragment

Preserves part of hem (?) of drapery, with four major folds remaining. Broken all around. Cf. A 99, T 3660. ADDENDA Later found to be ears and part of hull of boar. Area South of East-West late Roman ... 28 March 1952

[Object]  T 3151: Mold Fragment

Left edge of mold preserved (?); otherwise broken all around. Two griffins attacking a deer. The head of the deer with antlers, at center. The griffin attacks the throat of the deer from below. The spreading ... 8 April 1952

[Object]  T 3155: Mold Fragment

One of lower corners preserved. Part of a chariot scene; one wheel, tail and hind leg of horse preserved. Pinkish clay with buff surface. Pier 10 E. Trench for outer wall of Square Building step; fourth ... 1952