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[Object]  T 617: Mold Fragment for Plaque

Mold for plaque with horse and chariot. Part of one hind leg, and of the chariot wheel preserved. Below the rim of the mould. Very coarse red clay with large bits; buff slip. Trench 2, filling. Leica ... 25 April 1934

[Object]  T 628: Mold Fragments for Animal Figurine

Two fragments of mould. a) A fragment from the lower left corner of the mould. The lead fragments of an ancient mend are partly preserved. Hind legs and part of the tail and belly of an animal right ... 19 May 1934

[Object]  T 653: Mold Fragments for Banquet Scene

Fragment a): the lower edge is preserved; otherwise broken. A kantharos can be made out among a number of long narrow objects. Fragment b): is a fragment from the corner, with part of the high side preserved ... 20 March 1933

[Object]  T 769: Mold Fragment for Animal Figurine

Bottom preserved. Broken away above, at left, and at right. The part preserved is the mold for the tail and the two hind legs of an animal. Brown earth, in fill over Burnt Building. Chiefly Late Roman ... 16 March 1935

[Object]  T 883: Mold Fragments for Relief with Banquet Scene

Large flat fragments of a mold for a relief. Part of the bottom edge of the mold preserved on fragment b); otherwise broken all around. The mold was broken in antiquity, and mended with lead clamps, parts ... 31 May 1935

[Object]  T 981: Mold Fragment for Chariot Group Figurine

Chariot wheel, and hind legs and body of a horse. Part of lower edge preserved. Coarse red clay; heavy fabric. Disturbed late Roman fill. Leica ... 12 February 1936

[Object]  T 1059: Relief Plaque Fragment

Fragment from a large thick plaque, the lower edge preserved. In high relief, the paw of a lion grasping the bent right foreleg of a horse. Buff slip. Coarse pinkish clay. Cf. Archaeology 17 (1964), p ... 27 March 1936

[Object]  T 1287: Mold Fragment for Dancer Figurine

A piece of the mold for the drapery of a large figure. Flat back preserved; otherwise broken all around. Early Roman fill. Leica ... 15 February 1936

[Object]  T 1392: Mold Fragments

Fragment a) part of one side, with raised edge (broken off) preserved. Along the side, ivy vine; beside in drapery (?) Heavy fabric. Pink clay, buff at surface and with fine buff slip inside. Fragment ... 27 March 1937

[Object]  T 1553: Mold Fragment for Animal Figurine

First interpretation: uncertain representation (relief). One corner preserved. Heavy fabric. Red earth above line of "cross wall" of Polygonal Building (upper). Leica ... 8 June 1937