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[Object]  T 3787: Mold Fragment

Straight edge of frame-like edge preserved. Inside mold small part of concave bas-relief preserved. Buff clay with bits. Disturbed fill above bedrock, south side of south wall of Southwest Fountain House ... 14 August 1967

[Object]  T 3788: Mold Fragment for Standing Figurine

Corner and two sides adjacent preserved in three joining fragments. Rectangular or square frame-like mold preserving part of bas-relief, foot, leg and arms or drapery of standing figure. Perhaps a dancing ... 14 August 1967

[Object]  T 3984: Relief Mold Fragment for Boar Figurine

One corner remains. Part of one figure, a lower leg and back of a foot. Coarse orangish clay. ADDENDA May 1978: eye and snout of a boar. Catalogued June 1970. "Dromos Ravine". Mixed fill to Byzantine ... February-March 1938

[Object]  T 4164: Mold Fragment for Plaque

Broken at right, left and top. Lower part of a mold for a plaque, preserving two bare feet of a figure in motion. The right foot is forward and lower than the left, the toes of both feet much lower than ... 22 July 1975

[Object]  T 4167: Mold for Plaque

Broken at left, right and above. Fragment of a mold for a large plaque, preserving what seems to be two legs of an animal, perhaps a deer. Very coarse yellow clay outside, finer dark buff clay outside, ... 29 June 1977