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[Deposit]  C 20:2: Koukla Factory and related fills

Fills with many figurines and molds, possibly from terracotta factory. Coins: 31 May 1939 #11 1 June 1919 # 17-#18 7 June 1939 #16 9 June 1939 #27-#30 3 April 1947 #34 30 May 1947 #10-#11 3 June 1947 #1-#2 ... Mostly 200-150 B.C.

[Object]  A 99: Relief Mold Fragment

Clay mold for relief with ship scene. Cf. T 3121 and T 3660. Leica ... 19 March 1932

[Object]  A 1204: Relief Fragment: Gorgon

Part of a large flat round (?) clay plaque, with a gorgoneion in relief on one side. Nose and mouth and part of one cheek preserved. Scale somewhat over life-size. Tile fabric: coarse gravely pink clay; ... 17 April 1947

[Object]  MC 13: Mold Fragment

One corner of the mold preserved. Perhaps for part of an animal with a tail (?). Coarse pinkish buff clay with bits. Trench B. Middle Stoa Building fill. Leica ... 14 March 1933

[Object]  MC 14: Mold Fragment

Mended from two pieces, anciently broken. Broken all round except at the top. Mold for terracotta sima with rinceau pattern. The top has a projecting rim. Chariot group. Coarse pinkish buff clay with ... 14 March 1933

[Object]  T 136: Mold Fragment for Fish Figurine

Fragment of large mold for tail end of fish right (?). Back smoothed, with rounded edges. Coarse pinkish buff micaceous clay, full of large bits; Exact provenience uncertain. Leica ... 17 March 1932

[Object]  T 266: Mold Fragment for Drapery

Coarse pinkish buff clay. At bottom of drain 5. Leica ... 13 May 1932

[Object]  T 330: Mold Fragment for Snake Figurine

Fragment of mold with portion of snake (?) or animal tail (?). Rather coarse pinkish clay with small red and blue bits. Area of Roman intrusion into Geometric area. Leica ... 14-16 April 1932

[Object]  T 337: Mold Fragment for Relief

Fragment of mold for relief with floating drapery. Broken all round. The back flat. Coarse pinkish clay, with many air bubbles. Well. Mouth, along with 5th-4th c. B.C. sherds. Leica ... 1932

[Object]  T 376: Mold Fragment for Two Griffins attacking ...

First interpretation: mold for a sphinx (?). A thick tile-like fragment, flat in back. At the top, a bit of the edge of the mold preserved. Preserved is part of a wing, hind-quarters and tail, to left ... 9 March 1933

[Object]  T 377: Mold Fragment for Nike Driving a Chariot ...

First interpretation: mold for a sphinx. A thick tile-like fragment, flat in back. A small bit of the back surface preserved; other edges broken. Preserved are a part of the wing feathers and body of ... 9 March 1933

[Object]  T 388: Mold for Plaque

In low relief feet and drapery of figure walking right (dancing Maenad). Broken at the top. A coarse mold with a broad rim. Pinkish buff clay. Middle Stoa Building fill. S.W. trench extension. Leica ... 15 March 1933

[Object]  T 389: Mold Fragment

Fragment of large thick mould, with right hand extended to left (dancing Maenad ?). A broad projecting rim along the preserved right side of the mould. Coarse brick red clay, buff at the surface. Middle ... 16 March 1933

[Object]  T 405: Mold Fragment for Mask

From a circular mold for Medusa mask with a heavy rim. Preserved is part of a cheek with short windblown hair above. Fairly fine orange pink clay. Joins T 429. The two fragments as joined give a good ... 28 March 1933

[Object]  T 421: Mold Fragment for Figurines

Mold for two male figures. Broken on all sides. On the left may been seen a man 's torso from neck to waist, a himation wrapped around his hips. His left arm is bent across him and his right is streched ... 3 April 1933

[Object]  T 429: Mold Fragment for Mask

Part of face of mask preserved. Broken on all sides. Eye, mouth and most of nose preserved. Flat back. Red micaceous clay. Joins T 405. Middle Stoa Building fill, trench M. Leica ... 13 April 1933


[Object]  T 431: Female Head

Head of woman carrying a basket with offerings. Broken off at the base of the neck. Her hair is parted in the middle from the crown to nape of neck, with a lock falling at either side of the neck. The ... 19 April 1933

[Object]  T 453: Mold Fragment for Chariot Group Figurine

A thick mold like a tile, with part of an uncertain representation, possibly the forelegs of a horse, moving to the left. Well. Leica ... Card: end 2nd-early 3rd c. A.D.

[Object]  T 508: Mold Fragment for Griffin Figurine

First interpretation: mold for drapery. A piece from a large mould. Irregular behind. "Hole". Leica ... 30 May 1933

[Object]  T 574: Relief Plaque Fragment

Back of plaque preserved; edges broken. The back flat. Preserved the forelegs of a horse. Unglazed. Light red clay, very micaceous. Leica ... 22 March 1934

[Object]  T 617: Mold Fragment for Plaque

Mold for plaque with horse and chariot. Part of one hind leg, and of the chariot wheel preserved. Below the rim of the mould. Very coarse red clay with large bits; buff slip. Trench 2, filling. Leica ... 25 April 1934

[Object]  T 628: Mold Fragments for Animal Figurine

Two fragments of mould. a) A fragment from the lower left corner of the mould. The lead fragments of an ancient mend are partly preserved. Hind legs and part of the tail and belly of an animal right ... 19 May 1934

[Object]  T 653: Mold Fragments for Banquet Scene

Fragment a): the lower edge is preserved; otherwise broken. A kantharos can be made out among a number of long narrow objects. Fragment b): is a fragment from the corner, with part of the high side preserved ... 20 March 1933

[Object]  T 769: Mold Fragment for Animal Figurine

Bottom preserved. Broken away above, at left, and at right. The part preserved is the mold for the tail and the two hind legs of an animal. Brown earth, in fill over Burnt Building. Chiefly Late Roman ... 16 March 1935

[Object]  T 883: Mold Fragments for Relief with Banquet Scene

Large flat fragments of a mold for a relief. Part of the bottom edge of the mold preserved on fragment b); otherwise broken all around. The mold was broken in antiquity, and mended with lead clamps, parts ... 31 May 1935

[Object]  T 981: Mold Fragment for Chariot Group Figurine

Chariot wheel, and hind legs and body of a horse. Part of lower edge preserved. Coarse red clay; heavy fabric. Disturbed late Roman fill. Leica ... 12 February 1936

[Object]  T 1059: Relief Plaque Fragment

Fragment from a large thick plaque, the lower edge preserved. In high relief, the paw of a lion grasping the bent right foreleg of a horse. Buff slip. Coarse pinkish clay. Cf. Archaeology 17 (1964), p ... 27 March 1936

[Object]  T 1287: Mold Fragment for Dancer Figurine

A piece of the mold for the drapery of a large figure. Flat back preserved; otherwise broken all around. Early Roman fill. Leica ... 15 February 1936

[Object]  T 1392: Mold Fragments

Fragment a) part of one side, with raised edge (broken off) preserved. Along the side, ivy vine; beside in drapery (?) Heavy fabric. Pink clay, buff at surface and with fine buff slip inside. Fragment ... 27 March 1937

[Object]  T 1553: Mold Fragment for Animal Figurine

First interpretation: uncertain representation (relief). One corner preserved. Heavy fabric. Red earth above line of "cross wall" of Polygonal Building (upper). Leica ... 8 June 1937

[Object]  T 1595: Architectural Mold Fragment

Large mould, showing a bit of volute. Coarse pink clay. Cistern, hard earth. Leica ... 13-27 February 1937

[Object]  T 1612: Mold Fragment for Relief

Broken all sides. Mold for figure moving left, right arm raised above head (part of hair at extreme left, on positive); short cloak flying out behind head. Heavy fabric; reddish buff clay with black and ... 21 February 1938

[Object]  T 1621: Mold Fragment for Relief Plaque

Upper left corner of mold for a rectangular relief plaque preserved, with parts of three horses. Of first and second, head, forepart and upper part of leg, of the third, only front part of head. Details ... 2 March 1938

[Object]  T 1654: Mold Fragment for Animal Combat Figurine

Part of one edge preserved. Uncertain representation: extended arm with drapery behind (?). Clay buff with coarse pink particles. ADDENDA: Animal combat. Surface. Leica ... 7 April 1938

[Object]  T 1842: Mold Fragment for Predator

No original edge preserved. Uncertain representation; possibly for architectural ornament. Flat back. Light gray buff clay, with bits in it. ADDENDA: C. Grandjouan: large animal predator with objects ... 1 June 1938

[Object]  T 1860: Mold Fragment for Relief Plaque

Corner of the mold for a flat plaque with a relief. Preserved, the head of a lion to the right. Roman fill. Leica ... 9 June 1938

[Object]  T 1862: Mold Fragment for Panther Figurine

Back and part of one side preserved. Fragment from a large heavy mould. Coarse pinkish-buff clay (tile fabric). ADDENDA: Mold fragment for a panther passing left, its head facing. S.W. of the church, ... 8 June 1938

[Object]  T 1925: Mold Fragment for Relief Plaque

Fragment from the upper left corner of a mold for a relief plaque. A winged Nike moving right with arms outstretched in front of her. Much battered. Massive wall. Buff clay containing brown grit. Back ... 20 February 1939

[Object]  T 1963: Mold or Positive Fragment

Corner piece from a heavy mould. Uncertain representation. Gritty yellow-brown clay. ADDENDA: Architecture terracotta (?) Well. Leica ... 19 April 1939

[Object]  T 1965: Mold Fragment for Relief

Small piece of large heavy mould, broken all around, except for small piece of side. Hind legs and tail of a lion which is standing on the back of another animal, a bull, of which the hindquarters and ... 18 April 1939

[Object]  T 2024: Mold Fragment for Boar Figurine

Lower right corner of mold preserved. Raised band around edge of mould. The forepart of an animal, probably a cow, standing right. Heavy fabric. Coarse reddish-brown clay. ADDENDA: Forepart of boar. Other ... 10 May 1939

[Object]  T 2047: Mold Fragment for Relief

Bottom edge preserved in part. A raised edge at bottom of mould; above the forefeet of a bull, with an unknown object (serpent ?) before them. Heavy, coarse, reddish-buff clay. ADDENDA: Fore and hind ... 18-19 April 1939

[Object]  T 2070: Mold Fragment for Relief Plaque

Mold for a large plaque. Back and one edge preserved, with a raised band along it. Preserved the tail and part of the hind-quarters of a lion (?). Heavy fabric. Coarse pink clay with buff surfaces. ADDENDA: ... 25 May 1939

[Object]  T 2142: Mold Fragment for Relief

Broken all around and behind. Head and neck of antlered stag attacked by griffin (?) of which the beak and head can be seen under stag 's neck. Heavy mould. Pink porous clay with buff surface. ADDENDA: ... 24 April 1939

[Object]  T 2177: Mold Fragment for Gorgon

A single fragment preserves part of the curving edge of a large mould. The ends of some long locks of hair, perhaps of a gorgon, are preserved. Buff slip. Rather coarse buff clay. Well, dump. 714 ff. Leica ... 19 April 1932

[Object]  T 2197: Mold Fragments for Relief Plaque

Fragment a), large fragment with part of raised edge of mold for part (head) of horse, broken away at beginning of neck. Fragment b), corner fragment with raised edge, and part of fabric. Pink clay, fine, ... 25 April 1940

[Object]  T 2349: Mold Fragment for Relief

Uncertain representation, possibly banquet: a table with dishes and offerings and a part of a person (boy?) reclining behind it, and pouring from oinohoe to bowl. Disturbed ancient fill on bedrock. 227 ... 10 April 1947

[Object]  T 2353: Mold Fragment

From one side of a heavy mould, apparently from a plaque of shallow relief, with the curving rim of the mold preserved. Byzantine fill at S.E. corner of section. Leica ... 30 April 1947

[Object]  T 2380: Mold for Animal Figurine

The mold for a large feline, tiger or lion(?) in relief, facing. Most of the head and part of the neck preserved, with small part of the edge. Flat at the back. Buff-red clay, somewhat gritty overfired ... 10 June 1947

[Object]  T 2595: Mold Fragment for Figurine

A human head, full face, with start of body below and uncertain object to left. Perhaps Nike driving chariot. Part of upper edge preserved, otherwise broken. Very heavy fabric. Dark buff clay with brick ... 1947

[Object]  T 2596: Mold Fragment for Chariot Group Figurine

Hind legs of an animal; at right, uncertain object. Very heavy fabric. Dark buff clay with brick red particles. Mixed fill in N.E. part of section. Leica ... 1947

[Object]  T 2765: Mask: Architectural Decoration

Piece broken from the top edge of a very large mask of Medusa type. Part of rim is broken away. Cut flat behind. Coarse tile-like buff clay. Koukla factory. Leica ... 1939, 1946

[Object]  T 2829: Mold Fragment for Gorgoneion

Heavy architectural mould, the rim of the curve preserved, in center, with deep waves of hair. Fine buff-reddish clay, slipped inside and out. Koukla factory. Leica ... 1939, 1946

[Object]  T 2830: Mold Fragment for Plaque

Fragment, broken all around, of a large plaque showing two nude legs moving right against curves of drapery. Perhaps a dancing Maenad (?). Buff clay, fine and well washed; slipped inside and out. Koukla ... 1939, 1946

[Object]  T 2918: Mold Fragment for Mask of Medusa

Edge of large Medusa mask with short curling individual locks of hair plus parts of two curling snakes preserved. Outer piece, roughly triangular; broken on two edges. Cf. T 2920, T 2925. On foundation ... 6 April 1949

[Object]  T 2920: Mold Fragment for Gorgoneion

Fragment from mold for large antefix (?). A little of the lower part of the face preserved, with tongue, row of teeth and jowls. Broken all around and at back. Firm pink clay, fairly fine. Cf. T 2918, ... 1 April 1949

[Object]  T 2925: Mold Fragments

Heavy mold for architectural ornament (?). Uncertain representations; perhaps snakes from Gorgoneion (?). The second fragment, non-joining, found just west of cistern. Heavy red-buff fabric. Cf. T 2918, ... 20 April 1949

[Object]  T 2948: Mold Fragment for Chariot Group Figurine

Uncertain subject. Heavy fabric, reddish-brown at back, light cream on surface. Flat back; broken all around. Architectural (?). In trench through marble chip floor, House F, Room 4. Leica ... 1 June 1949

[Object]  T 2965: Mold Fragment for Boukranion

Irregularly shaped, thick, with flat bottom; mold for the curving end of some object. One edge preserved, otherwise broken. Coarse buff clay with brick red particles; light buff slip. Mixed fill. Leica ... June 1949

[Object]  T 2981: Mold Fragment for Gorgoneion

Small fragment from edge of a large circular mold preserved. Impression sunk well below top of edge. Part of a loop shaped impression in which are traces of scales: snake (?). Coarse pale buff clay with ... 8 July 1949

[Object]  T 2985: Mold Fragment for Medallion

Part of a large medallion with ovules around edge, and a female figure in thin drapery, dancing left (in the positive) with right arm raised. Heavy tile fabric. Stoa Constuction fill: Terrace opposite ... 23 July 1949

[Object]  T 2986: Mold Fragment for Amazon Figurine

Preserved is a wounded or fighting Amazon. Part of a large face, full front can be made out, and drapery below. Broken all around. Stoa Construction fill; Pier 18, footing trench at South of Pier. 912 ... 26 July 1949

[Object]  T 2989: Mold Fragment

Legs of human figure with bunch of grapes on knee. Raised border around edge. Perhaps lion or griffin attacking Herbivore. Fragment preserving one edge. Heavy fabric. Coarse buff clay with grits. Stoa ... 26 July 1949

[Object]  T 3003: Mold Fragment for Plaque

Flat back and one original edge preserved of mold for a large plaque. Back legs and tail of a lion walking right. Coarse brown clay with red bits in it. South Cut A, packing below bath drain, above earlier ... 4 November 1949

[Object]  T 3008: Mold Fragment for Chariot Group Figurine

Part of mold for a relief, showing a dog running beside chariot-horses. Pink-buff clay. Filling of gully in road, layer 5. 1298 Leica ... 14 march 1950

[Object]  T 3023: Relief Mold Fragment for Dancing Maenad

Fragment from mold for upper left corner of high relief; depressed frame. Relief widens towards bottom of fragment. In the positive, upper front part of head in profile left; above it a thyrsos, horizontally, ... 1949

[Object]  T 3033: Mold Fragment for Architectural Plaque

Part of one edge (top), with raised band; flat back, and mold surface preserved. Parts of two figures remains. At right, in the positive, a bearded male figure facing; his right arm is outstretched towards ... 15 June 1950

[Object]  T 3043: Mold Fragment for Lion Plaque

Only the left end remains preserving rear quarters of a lion. Buff clay inclunding much brown grog. From man-hole in Hellenistic water channel to East of Stoa Shop XIII; Stoa fill or earlier. 2341 Leica ... 27 July 1950

[Object]  T 3045: Mold Fragment for Architectural Relief: ...

Lower right corner of mold for large relief. Raised band around edge of mould. The positive shows the legs, to mid-thigh, of a girl with floating drapery, dancing to left. Brick Building, below floor of ... July 1950

[Object]  T 3048: Mold Fragment for Relief

Corner fragment from a large mould, with a heavy frame around the relief surface. Possibly scene with shield. Context unknown. Leica ... 1950

[Object]  T 3050: Mold Fragment

Broken on all sides. On projecting fascia a design not unlike a badly made egg and dart; below (or above) part of a rectangular pattern possibly tip of a pot. Architectural terracotta (?). Coarse red-buff ... 7 April 1938

[Object]  T 3061: Mold Fragment for Relief Plaque

Front, back, side (probably right), and frame at front of same side preserved, otherwise broken. Drapery (?) in relief on a large, flat rectangular plaque. Coarse, gritty clay, buff at the surface, darker ... 13 April 1951

[Object]  T 3083: Plaque Fragment: Architectural decoration

Lower edge and back surface preserved. Moulded relief decoration; preserved are the legs of a figure striding right. Plain raised band below. Broken above and at sides. Brick red clay with grits; remains ... 31 May 1951

[Object]  T 3109: Mold Fragment

Preserves segment of mold for circular plaque; large scallop around the edge. Gritty pinkish clay. Cf. T 1700, T 2415. ADDENDA Cf. T 2143, similar type, but different clay. Area South of East-West late ... 10 March 1952

[Object]  T 3118: Mold Fragment

Preserves a good bit of drapery, apparently near waist and elbow of almost life-sized figure (?). Broken all around, except back. ADDENDA Perhaps Amphitrite (?). Agora sample no. 276. Fourth century Hole ... 20 March 1952

[Object]  T 3119: Mold Fragment

Preserves portion of flowing drapery or of a wing. Broken all around, except back. ADDENDA Perhaps a dancing Maenad (?). Fourth century Hole. 1635 Leica ... 20 March 1952

[Object]  T 3120: Mold Fragment

Preserves two striding legs and a little drapery. Broken all around except back. ADDENDA Perhaps a dancing Maenad (?). Area South of East-West late Roman Wall; fourth century Hole. 1635 Leica ... 28 March 1952

[Object]  T 3121: Mold Fragment

Preserves part of hem (?) of drapery, with four major folds remaining. Broken all around. Cf. A 99, T 3660. ADDENDA Later found to be ears and part of hull of boar. Area South of East-West late Roman ... 28 March 1952

[Object]  T 3151: Mold Fragment

Left edge of mold preserved (?); otherwise broken all around. Two griffins attacking a deer. The head of the deer with antlers, at center. The griffin attacks the throat of the deer from below. The spreading ... 8 April 1952

[Object]  T 3155: Mold Fragment

One of lower corners preserved. Part of a chariot scene; one wheel, tail and hind leg of horse preserved. Pinkish clay with buff surface. Pier 10 E. Trench for outer wall of Square Building step; fourth ... 1952

[Object]  T 3156: Mold Fragment

A trace of one edge preserved; from a heavy mold apparently for architectural decoration. Griffins attacking stag. Buff clay, laminated. East colonnade of Square Building, martyra opposite Shop XVI, layer ... 2 June 1952

[Object]  T 3187: Mold Fragment for Plaque

Fragment from a mold for a large relief plaque. The oars of a boat and the back and tail of a hippocamp or Triton beneath, to right in the positive. One edge preserved. Cf. T 3120. Stoa, South Area 3-4, ... 21 February 1953

[Object]  T 3198: Mold Fragment for Plaque

Mold for plaque, showing a nude bearded male figure (Centaur or Triton?) to left, raising his right arm and holding a stick in his bent left. In front of him rows of protrusions-a mane (?). Back of mold ... 9 March 1953

[Object]  T 3228: Mold Fragment for Male Figurine

A thick "architectural" type of mould, showing the upper left side of a nude male torso and extended left arm. A little of his chlamys is seen fastened around his neck, and it floats below his arm. Pink ... 31 March 1953

[Object]  T 3233: Mold Fragment for Architectural Ornament

Lower half of a reclining figure to right. The figure is dressed, but the kind of garment it wears is not clear. Small fragment preserving one original corner. Buff-pink clay. South Terrace, Cut III, layer ... 1 April 1953

[Object]  T 3236: Mold Fragment for Relief

Fragment from corner of large mold for relief. The hind legs of a lion, to left in the positive. Hellenistic fill over water basin; line of drain B (i. e. MSBF disturbed). 2074 Leica ... 17 April 1953

[Object]  T 3237: Mold Fragment for Plaque

Fragment of a very large mould, showing the hind leg and tail of a lion on a rocky ground. Horos Terrace Trench, against east side of Monument base. Middle Stoa Building fill. 571 Leica ... 9 April 1953

[Object]  T 3256: Mold Fragment

Thick "architectural" mold of a non identified object. Perhaps for Gorgoneion (?). Buff-pink clay with bits in it. Horos Terrace Trench; north of Monument Base, Strosis 3, Hellenistic context. 1026 Leica ... 14 April 1953

[Object]  T 3287: Mold Fragment for Architectural Relief

Uncertain representation: body of carnivore (?). Broken all around. Red-buff clay. South Stoa II, Building; Hellenistic fill. Leica ... 7 May 1953

[Object]  T 3313: Mold Fragment for Tile or Animal Figurine

Large Fragment of sizable tile-mould: animal (?). Civic Offices, Room 2, strosis 3, deep filling over Drains; fourth century B. C. 1074 Leica ... 23 April 1953

[Object]  T 3324: Mold for Architectural Fragment

Small fragment from side of circular mould. Preserves only part of border and one raised surface. Gorgoneion (?). Buff to reddish-buff clay. In rectangular cutting. 3962 Leica ... 3 June 1953

[Object]  T 3340: Mold Fragment for Gorgoneion

Part of a large circular mould, preserving the chin and lower jaw of a gorgoneion. Red clay. Found while building a retaining wall near Theseion Square. Leica ... February 1954

[Object]  T 3360: Mold Fragment for Chariot Group Figurine

Fragment of a large mold for relief. Part of one edge preserved. Pinkish clay with brick particles. Middle Stoa Building Fill. Martyr inside west end of Middle Stoa. Leica ... 5 May 1954

[Object]  T 3361: Mold Fragment for Relief

Fragment from edge of a large mold for relief. Smooth buff surface finish well preserved. Drapery (?); Dancing Maenad (?). Agora sample no. 277. Middle Stoa Building Fill. Martyr inside west end of Middle ... 5 May 1954

[Object]  T 3362: Mold Fragment for Relief

Some of lower edge preserved. Legs of fighting animals; from a mold for a relief. Probably Griffins attacking stag. ADDENDA Joins with T 376. Middle Stoa Building Fill. Martyr inside west and of Middle ... 5 May 1954

[Object]  T 3373: Mold Fragment for Relief: Apobates

Upper part of nude apobates seen facing, his head turned towards proper right. His right arm is outstretched passing in front of the figure of the charioteer; chiton with short sleeves; arms outstretched ... 12 May 1954

[Object]  T 3386: Mold for Plaque: Dancing Maenad

Part of upper edge preserved; from a mold for a plaque. Upper half of dancing figure. Fairly coarse fabric; somewhat resembling the moulds for large "architectural" plaques; but thiner, and this at a smaller ... 5 June 1954

[Object]  T 3389: Mold for Relief

Fragment from side, bordered by raised edge, preserving a little fluttering drapery. Perhaps a dancing Maenad (?). North Extension of Stoa, N.W. corner, in north colonnade of Square Building, just below ... 10 June 1954

[Object]  T 3415: Mold Fragment for Plaque

Lower right corner of mold preserved. Back legs of lion with uncertain object below paw. Usual tile clay, reddish-brown at core with occasional dark bits in it; buff on surface. Architectural plaque (?) ... 9 April 1955

[Object]  T 3416: Mold Fragment

Lower edge preserved. Rear legs of horse. For architectural decoration. Clean reddish-buff clay. Pit; 4th. century B. C. context. 5496 Leica ... 12 April 1955