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[Object]  L 2996: Lamp Fragment

Two joining fragments preserve nozzle, handle, about half rim; some of discus and reverse. Discus, plain, almond-shaped. Handle, pierced two grooves above, none below. Rim, plain. Reverse apparently plain ... 14 April 1937

[Object]  L 3008: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Chip missing from wall and base. Rays on discus, eggs on rim. Handle grooved and pierced. Flat base outlined by groove and with two small grooved circles at center. Signature incised. Unglazed. Pale buff ... 6 May 1937


[Object]  L 3017: Plastic Lamp: Isis

Figure of a woman, swaddled tightly, like a mummy, with her arms straight down her sides inside the swaddling bands. The feet, each with six toes, stick out below; and the nozzle below the feet. Air hole ... 8 May 1937

[Object]  L 3022: Lamp

Large piece missing. Shallow open bowl with flat bottom and vertical handle attached at rim and bottom. Side curves in at edge of break for pinched-in mouth. Handmade. Gritty micaceous clay, gray at core, ... 10 May 1937

[Object]  L 3091: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Handle missing. Alternate hearts and shields in relief on shoulder. Red metallic glaze. Faint traces of signature on irregular base. Type XVIII of Corinth collection, type 50B of Agora collection. Cistern, ... 2 June 1937

[Object]  L 3169: Lamp Fragment

Part of the discus. Draped figure riding to right on an elephant. Unglazed. Buff clay. Type XXVII of Corinth collection. Well. Fourth century A.D. Leica ... 16-21 May 1937

[Object]  L 3208: Lamp

Entire. On discus, Christian monogram with "alpha" and "omega" between bars. On rim, herringbone. Handle pierced. On reverse, "K Y" within heart-shaped panel. Unglazed. Pale-buff clay. Type XXVIII of ... 15 July 1937

[Object]  L 3329: Lamp

Intact. On discus in relief, figure of nude youth facing his right hand on his mouth, his left holding a cornucopia. High headdress. Harpocrates (?). Plain rim with grooves at inner edge, and two small ... 26 March 1938

[Object]  L 3358: Lamp

Intact except for chips. No handle; low base ring, triangular nozzle with a volute at each side; three grooves on narrow rim, twisted rosette on sharply concave discus. Irregular mottled red glaze. Buff ... 16 April 1938

[Object]  L 3445: Lamp

Nozzle and bit of rim missing. Very slightly raised broad base; the floor rises to a low cone at the center; angular profile; flat rim. Brown to black glaze inside and on nozzle, otherwise unglazed except ... 25 May 1938