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[Object]  L 762: Lamp

On rim, herringbone. On discus, a cross, with tail of "rho" above, to right. Solid handle, double grooved above and below. On the reverse, double concentric grooves, enclosing the signature. Two circles ... 16 March 1933

[Object]  L 819: Lamp

On the down sloping rim, separated from the discus by a high ridge, a row of impressed circles. Plain concave discus, with five holes. Handle solid, double grooved above, single below. Reverse, depressed, ... 22 March 1933

[Object]  L 827: Lamp

Mended from three pieces; a small bit missing from the back of the rim at the right. On the rim, a triple row of raised dots, panelled. On discus, a lion seated right. Handle semi-pierced, triple grooved ... 23 March 1933

[Object]  L 890: Lamp Fragment

Part of shield of lamp; all the rest of the lamp is broken away; the solid handle is preserved in part behind. The shield has an imitation rivet head at the junction of the shield and the body. On the ... 22 April 1933

[Object]  L 983: Lamp

Complete. Raised globules on rim and body. Small, sharply concave discus, plain, with two surrounding ridges. Solid handle, triple grooved above, double below. On reverse, two concentric rings, enclosing ... 17 May 1933

[Object]  L 1015: Lamp

Mended from several fragments; complete save for chips. Rim panelled with herringbone and impressed circles. On the discus a fine lion, seated right; hatched ground line, single filling hole to left above ... 23 May 1933

[Object]  L 1052: Lamp

Roughly circular lamp. Convex sides; rim decorated with fish, raised dots, panels of parallel lines and degenerate flower design (?). In the slightly sunken discus a patrtern of raised dots and a "feather" ... 2 June 1933

[Object]  L 1062: Lamp

Complete. Herringbone on rim, with three impressed circles on either side of the handle, and two on either side of the deep channel leading from discus to nozzle. On the discus a jewelled cross, with filling ... 3 June 1933

[Object]  L 1063: Lamp

Complete. Leaf pattern on rim; jewelled cross on discus, with filling holes in the center and the lower quadrants. Nearly vertical sides. Solid handle, double grooved above and below. On the reverse, with ... 3 June 1933

[Object]  L 1092: Lamp

Complete. Panelled herringone on rim; on the discus, a bear (?) right, who appears to have tossed a man, in the air above him. Semi-pierced handle, double concentric groove, enclosing the signature "OY" ... 7 June 1933