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[Object]  L 5087: Lamp

Intact; burned nozzle. A second small in discus. Globules on rim and on body. Double volute on each side of nozzle. Pierced grooved handle. On underside, raised concentric circles. Unglazed. Buff clay ... 1953

[Object]  L 5157: Lamp

Mended from two pieces; complete. Good black glaze, in part grayed from stacking, on rim, nozzle and inside; dilute glaze outside. Type II of Corinth collection, type 16B of Agora collection. ADDENDA ... 2 June 1954

[Object]  L 5223: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Intact. Discus, decorated with bird. On rim, herringbone; handle, unpierced, two grooves above and below. Underside of nozzle set off by pairs of grooves. On base, within two circular grooves, incised ... June 1955

[Object]  L 5238: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Intact. Discus, decorated with reveller (?) to right carrying cup torch and cloak. Rim, plain with panels. Handle, pierced, two grooves above and below. Reverse, within single groove signature "ΤΡΗΤΙΟΥ" ... June 1955

[Object]  L 5294: Lamp fragment

Part of rim, wall and nozzle preserved. On disc, head of lion with pierced eyes, from scene of Dionysos bust with kantaros, thyrsos and grape vines. Two framing rings. Plain narrow rim. U-nozzle with scrolls ... 2 May 1957

[Object]  L 5298: Lamp with Graffiti

Intact except for chips. Inscribed on rim and top of nozzle with a list of names, written retrograde. Type 25A of Agora collection. Below Hellenistic floor, at north end of rubble wall 3. Leica, 80-538 ... 27 April 1957

[Object]  L 5328: Lamp

Intact except for mended handle, and chips. Brown to black glaze for interior, rim, band around rim, nozzle and handle. Light brown wash for the rest. Type 20 of Agora collection. Aischines Street, cistern, ... August 1957

[Object]  L 5362: Lamp

Mended from two fragments. Small fragment missing from under nozzle. Saucer with drawn out nozzle. Flat rim; rolled handle. Reddish-brown glaze inside and on handle. Type 4 of Agora collection. Panathenaic ... 27 May 1959


[Object]  L 5413: Disc Fragment of Lamp

Most of disk and small part of rim preserved. On disc, chest and head of Hephaistos holding torch and hammer. On rim globule rosettes. Attic clay darkened by fire on both sides. First half of 3rd. century ... 11 January 1963


[Object]  P 7901: Red Figure Cup Fragments: Type C and ...

Most of rim and one handle preserved; little of floor. Offset rim. Of the medallion, framed by a single reserved line, remains only, at left, a heel, right, and the end of a staff(?); at right, an aryballos, ... 28 May 1936