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[Object]  B 433: Lamp Guard

Broken off at the bottom; the tip bent over. A large acanthus leaf, from which spring spirals, forming an elaborate open-work palmette-shaped ornament. Coarse incision for details. At the top, a bud-like ... 19 April 1937


[Object]  B 455: Lamp: Ithyphallic Figure

Bearded figure wearing a short straight cloak from which the phallos which served as lamp nozzle projects. Filling hole in top of head. Pierced at the temples with a small hole throught which passes a ... 11 May 1937


[Object]  B 579: Lamp

Complete, though the hinge which holds the cover of the filling-hole is broken. High angular-bodied lamp on raised base. Large round nozzle. Shell-shaped cover over filling hole. Cross projecting above ... 31 May 1938


[Object]  B 704: Lamp

Several small holes in bowl as a result of corrosion; otherwise intact. An open bowl with a long flat handle which is horizontal as it leaves the body, but turns downward towards its end. The rim of the ... 2 June 1939


[Object]  B 876: Three Nozzle Lamp

One nozzle broken off in two pieces, but complete except for small chip. Globular body on thin ring foot. Central filling hole with short neck and flat projecting rim, grooved on the upper surface. Three ... 8 April 1949


[Object]  B 1182: Candelabrum Top

Two pieces of upper part of a candelabrum. Topmost has leaf pattern directly below flaring rim. Below this is zone of inlaid silver leaves and stems with berrils of silver and some other inlay now missing ... 9 May 1956

[Object]  B 1247: Lamp

Complete except for small fragments. Vertical wall; flat bottom; one open nozzle. Vertical strap handle rising from one side. Behind north end of Stoa of Attalos, beneath modern house at 44 Hadrian street ... 1959


[Object]  BI 292: Bone Stylus

Thick heavy stylus with a point at one end, a paddle at the other. Well G. Leica ... 28 May 1936

[Object]  L 22: Lamp

On rim, vine pattern. Discus, plain, with central filling hole, four air holes. Handle, solid, double grooved. On base, almond-shaped grooves, palm branch and stamped circles. Unglazed. Red clay. Type ... 16 June 1931

[Object]  L 379: Lamp Fragment

Discus and rim fragment. On discus, gladiator striding right, trident fork-down in raised right hand; chlamys (?) over left forearm and some undetermined object over left hand. Perhaps some representation ... 20 February 1932

[Object]  L 415: Lamp

Shallow body, unevenly double convex, the broader upper part forming an incurving rim. Top open. Body wall pulled outward with the thumb to form an open nozzle, now chipped at the end. Vertical handle ... 11 March 1932

[Object]  L 461: Lamp

Two small pieces missing, from rim and from body. Wheel made. Double convex body. Depressed top. Short nozzle, slightly turned up at fluked ends. Base simulated by a groove round the bottom of the body ... 16 March 1932

[Object]  L 518: Lamp with Relief Decoration

Large relief lamp: Heracles (?) with trident, sacrificing. Mended from several pieces. A small piece of the top of nozzle missing. Panelled rim, bordered by plain narrow bands; within, small running spiral ... 11 April 1932


[Object]  L 519: Lamp with Relief Decoration

Large relief lamp: Leda and the swan. A little more than a quarter of the circumference of the rim preserved. Discus broken at upper left and lower right part. Most of the body and bottom of the lamp is ... 11 April 1932

[Object]  L 553: Lamp

Vertical band handle broken away. Watch-shaped body; the upper part covered with ribs which radiate from a sunken band round the filling hole. Long, pointed nozzle; two grooves on top. On the left side ... 22 April 1932


[Object]  L 564: Lamp: Open Saucer Type

Mended from two fragments; handle and part of left side missing. Rather deep bowl, trefoil-shaped, the sides flaring from a small flat resting surface, but bent inwards toward the front to form the nozzle ... 26 April 1932

[Object]  L 571: Lamp Fragment

Part of discus and rim. On discus, Poseidin facing; large dolphin in left hand; small trident in right; crude linear ("gouged") technique. Purple wash. Pinkish-buff clay. Type XXVIII of Corinth collection ... 28 April 1932


[Object]  L 595: Lamp

Nozzle broken away. On rim, ovule pattern, panelled. On discus, on top part, bearded figure in tunic, boots and small cap, facing right, holding shield before him. Filling hole on center right, between ... 5 May 1932


[Object]  L 727: Lamp Fragment

Fragment from rim and body. From a large lamp. The rim is plain, with a broad panel, on which is an owl, in relief, left, the head facing. Traces of a thin red wash (?). Light red clay. Type XXVIII of ... 9 March 1933

[Object]  L 754: Lamp

On rim, heart and diamond elaborated with small spirals in clear and careful relief. On discus, alternating ivy leaf and palmette. Pointed knob handle. On the reverse, a low thin ring base. Unglazed. Fine ... 17 March 1933

[Object]  L 762: Lamp

On rim, herringbone. On discus, a cross, with tail of "rho" above, to right. Solid handle, double grooved above and below. On the reverse, double concentric grooves, enclosing the signature. Two circles ... 16 March 1933

[Object]  L 819: Lamp

On the down sloping rim, separated from the discus by a high ridge, a row of impressed circles. Plain concave discus, with five holes. Handle solid, double grooved above, single below. Reverse, depressed, ... 22 March 1933

[Object]  L 827: Lamp

Mended from three pieces; a small bit missing from the back of the rim at the right. On the rim, a triple row of raised dots, panelled. On discus, a lion seated right. Handle semi-pierced, triple grooved ... 23 March 1933

[Object]  L 890: Lamp Fragment

Part of shield of lamp; all the rest of the lamp is broken away; the solid handle is preserved in part behind. The shield has an imitation rivet head at the junction of the shield and the body. On the ... 22 April 1933

[Object]  L 983: Lamp

Complete. Raised globules on rim and body. Small, sharply concave discus, plain, with two surrounding ridges. Solid handle, triple grooved above, double below. On reverse, two concentric rings, enclosing ... 17 May 1933

[Object]  L 1015: Lamp

Mended from several fragments; complete save for chips. Rim panelled with herringbone and impressed circles. On the discus a fine lion, seated right; hatched ground line, single filling hole to left above ... 23 May 1933

[Object]  L 1052: Lamp

Roughly circular lamp. Convex sides; rim decorated with fish, raised dots, panels of parallel lines and degenerate flower design (?). In the slightly sunken discus a patrtern of raised dots and a "feather" ... 2 June 1933

[Object]  L 1062: Lamp

Complete. Herringbone on rim, with three impressed circles on either side of the handle, and two on either side of the deep channel leading from discus to nozzle. On the discus a jewelled cross, with filling ... 3 June 1933

[Object]  L 1063: Lamp

Complete. Leaf pattern on rim; jewelled cross on discus, with filling holes in the center and the lower quadrants. Nearly vertical sides. Solid handle, double grooved above and below. On the reverse, with ... 3 June 1933

[Object]  L 1092: Lamp

Complete. Panelled herringone on rim; on the discus, a bear (?) right, who appears to have tossed a man, in the air above him. Semi-pierced handle, double concentric groove, enclosing the signature "OY" ... 7 June 1933


[Object]  L 1153: Lamp Fragment

Fragment from discus of lamp. Preserved is the head of a bearded man, left, in relief, surrounded by a rectangular frame with a spray of leaves at the top. Very neat and careful. Dull pale red glaze. Light ... 26 June 1933

[Object]  L 1275: Lamp Fragment

In channel of rim a band of circles with two diameters drawn in each, and with a tiny circle in each quadrant. On discus, Christ erect holding cross in right hand; a winged angel flies toward him from ... 10 February 1934

[Object]  L 1306: Lamp

Long nozzle; vertical handle broken off. Large knob on left side; rim depressed. Ring foot. Wheel made C. Black glaze. Type XII (late straight variety) of Corinth collection, type 35A of Agora collection ... 5 March 1934

[Object]  L 1382: Lamp

A vertical loop handle broken off. Large plain discus; ears on each side of the narrow rim. On the bottom, in relief, the signature "A". Red wash. Reddish-brown clay. Type ΧΧΙV of Corinth collection ... 30 March 1934

[Object]  L 1521: Lamp

Intact save minor fractures. Flat top, with double groove near outer edge. Broad, flat topped nozzle. Straight sides. Nearly flat bottom with single groove. Black glaze except on part of bottom. Type ... 350-300 B.C.

[Object]  L 1612: Lamp

Round flat base, outward flaring side wall, trefoil body like the mouth of an oinochoe. Nozzle unbridged. No trace of handle. Brownish wash. Coarse red clay with bits. Τροχοποίητος λύχνος, Βυζαντινών χρόνων ... 23 November 1934

[Object]  L 1621: Lamp

Chipped at lip of infundibulum; end of nozzle broken. This curious object has a flat bottom, a squat body, with a rather long nozzle. Instead of a filling hole it has a vase-like neck with a flaring lip ... 2 February 1935


[Object]  L 1680: Lamp on Stand

Lamp on high stand. Piece missing from side of lamp and from edge of base. Vertical handle. Green pale glaze on lamp, handle, and drip: spots on the stand; light slip. Pinkish-buff clay. Pit with Byzantine ... 11 March 1935

[Object]  L 1722: Discus of Lamp

Part of discus and rim preserved. On discus, a basin on a stand, about it grape vines. The rim plain, with plain panel with sunken dot on either side. Pale buff clay. Type XXVII of Corinth collection ... 3 April 1935

[Object]  L 1840: Lamp

Complete. The raised edge flares around the body, but follows the triangular line of the nozzle. Upper body ribbed. Handle grooved down the middle. Relief rosette on the bottom, inside foot ring. Red glaze, ... 1-75 A.D.

[Object]  L 1846: Lamp

Ring foot, rising beneath. No handle. Upper body ribbed, with palmette at base of nozzle. Large double-scroll lugs on each side of body. Black glaze much peeled. Pinkish-buff clay. Type XVIII of Corinth ... 28 May 1935

[Object]  L 1858: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Vertical strap handle missing. Upper body grooved; cornucopia lug. Signed on the bottom, inside ring foot:"AΡΙΣΤ[Ω]ΝΟΣ". Black glaze. Pink clay. Type XVIII of Corinth collection, type 51B of Agora collection ... 1 June 1935


[Object]  L 1881: Pediform Lamp

A small chip from the heel missing. Sandal straps ornamented with small, impressed circles; the toes indicated by shallow incisions. The sole is hobnailed. Two small handles on the top for suspension ... 5 June 1935

[Object]  L 1889: Lamp

Handle missing. Small raised base. Decoration of raised circles on disk and rim. Pink clay. Type XXXI of Corinth collection. Late Roman fill. Leica, 83-305 ... 15 June 1935

[Object]  L 2163: Nine Nozzle Lamp

Upper part of collar and one nozzle broken off. Three nozzles chipped. Low ring base; groove around outer edge of plain narrow rim. Brownish black glaze, somewhat peeled. Type VIIA of Corinth collection, ... 26 March 1936

[Object]  L 2224: Lamp

Pierced side knob; watch-shaped body. Raised base. Scraped groove around filling hole. Wheel made. Rich red glaze all over, except on underside of base. Type IX (clamshell variety) of Corinth collection, ... 6 April 1936

[Object]  L 2294: Lamp

Intact save for small chip from handle. Plain rim, two grooves at inner edge; handle solid, double grooved above and below. On bottom, within a double groove, the letters "Θ Ε". On discus, spotted panther, ... 20 April 1936

[Object]  L 2300: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Intact. Vine pattern on rim. Rays on sharply concave discus. Handle pierced; double grooved. Signed beneath, very indistinctly. Unglazed. Buff clay. Type XXVII of Corinth collection. Well. Leica, 7-41, ... 24 April 1936


[Object]  L 2322: Lamp

Complete. Black glaze inside and out, except on bottom, which is flat and very slightly raised. Attic clay. Type IV (shallow variety, later 5th. century group) of Corinth collection, type 21B of Agora ... Ca. 460-430 B.C.

[Object]  L 2341: Lamp

Intact. On discus, jewelled cross. Handle, slightly pointed, unpierced and ungrooved. On reverse, low rough base ring, within which five raised dots-and-circles arranged in form of cross. Unglazed. Soft ... 29 April 1936

[Object]  L 2346: Plastic Lamp Fragment

Broken around edges of the figure and below. A seated dog, wearing a collar. Traces of the handle behind; filling hole beneath the body. Bored eyes. Red wash outside, and some inside. Cistern. Leica, LXIX-25 ... 4 May 1936

[Object]  L 2354: Lamp

Intact. Opposed volute ornament stamped on rim. Bust, in relief on discus, profile to left. Thin knob handle. Low ring base. Broad channel to rim. Light red clay, much burned. Type XXXI of Corinth collection ... 4 May 1936

[Object]  L 2360: Lamp with Graffito

Handleless lamp on low base. Pierced lug on one side. Groove around rim, with glaze scraped away. Nozzle flat on top. Wheel made. Dull black glaze, somewhat pitted. Incised on upper surface of nozzle ... 4 May 1936

[Object]  L 2411: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Intact save for tip of nozzle. Grapevine pattern on rim; fine rays on discus. Handle pierced, double grooved above and below. Single circular groove on reverse, enclosing signature, inscribed in the unbaked ... 20 May 1936

[Object]  L 2413: Lamp: Maker's Mark

End of nozzle broken off. On discus, leopardess running right, head turned back. On rim, egg pattern, with plain panels. Handle pierced, double grooved above and below. On reverse, single circular groove, ... 20 May 1936

[Object]  L 2415: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Top of handle, double-grooved below, broken off, and pieces from the bottom missing. Horseman charging left on discus. Egg pattern and plain panels on rim. Underneath, traces of a signature. Single groove ... 21 May 1936

[Object]  L 2442: Lamp

Intact except for minor chips. Vine pattern on rim; fine rays on discus; solid handle, triply and doubly grooved. Stamped semi-circles at base of handle. Circular reverse with triple concentric grooves ... 22 May 1936

[Object]  L 2447: Lamp with Graffito

Nozzle and chip from rim missing. Black glaze inside and on rim. Outside, thin brown glaze wash. Incised beneath. Type II of Corinth collection, type 16B of Agora collection. ADDENDA Nozzle added since ... 27 May 1936

[Object]  L 2473: Lamp Fragment

Most of discus, and a bit of rim near handle preserved. Plain rim; on discus a clothed man hanging by all fours from the top bar of a rectangular framework, with two uprights and two crossbars. A bear ... 28 May 1936

[Object]  L 2569: Lamp Fragment

Discus and fragment of rim preserved. Herringbone pattern on rim. On discus at right, a figure wearing a short kilt, left, holding up a dog or a hear, right, sitting on its haunches. Animal's hair indicated ... 5 June 1936

[Object]  L 2678: Lamp

Stubs of horizontal handle preserved. Flat bottom, slightly raised. Unbridged nozzle. Wheel made. Black glaze on interior, edge of rim and outside of handles. Elsewhere reserved. Type 5 of Agora collection ... 27 January 1937


[Object]  L 2709: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Intact. Scrolls on panelled rim; grooved pierced handle. On the discus, at left, a draped female figure, standing three-quarters right, holds a large tray with cakes (?), and looks toward a small naiskos ... 13 February 1937

[Object]  L 2710: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Intact. Scrolls on ridged panelled rim. Grooved, pierced handle. On the discus, a cow sitting, right. On reverse, ring foot enclosing signature in relief. Raised leaf at base of handle. Greenish-buff ... 13 February 1937

[Object]  L 2711: Lamp

Left side missing, with most of nozzle. Pierced grooved handle. Vine on rim; five rays on discus. Pale buff clay. Type XXVII of Corinth collection. Shaft to Channel F. Water deposit. Leica ... 13 February 1937


[Object]  L 2810: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Intact. On rim, panelled guilloche enclosing leaves. On discus, Hermes left, a cloak over his left shoulder, the caduceus in his left hand, leading a ram by the horns. Stele at left crowned by cap. Altar ... 17 March 1937


[Object]  L 2822: Lamp: Maker's Mark

A crack near nozzle; surface somewhat chipped, otherwise intact. Heavy burning at nozzle. On rim, circular depressions with dots or circles. On discus, a tree (?). Handle, unpierced, three grooves above ... 16 March 1937

[Object]  L 2843: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Suspension handle in middle of discus. Ovules on rim and volutes at base of nozzle. Signed underneath. Unglazed; thin fabric. Pinkish-buff clay. Type XXVII of Corinth collection. Well. Leica, 7-161 ... 22 March 1937


[Object]  L 2875: Lamp

Plain handle; rays at nozzle, dots on rim. Similar to L 2874 (Φ 186). Type XXVIII (late) of Corinth collection. Υστερορωμαϊκός λύχνος, τύπου XXVIII. Φέρει ακτινωτή διακόσμηση. Well; containers 2-4. Leica, ... 1 April 1937

[Object]  L 2907: Lamp

Intact with handle. Large and well made, with typical dots. On reverse, "alpha". Red wash. Type XX of Corinth collection. Well, container 86. Leica, 81-2, 83-304, 83-264, 83-187 ... 10 April 1937

[Object]  L 2974: Lamp

Full length preserved; much of walls missing. Heart-shaped discus and leaf handle-guard with a palmette below it. Triangular fluked nozzle. Red to brown glaze wash. Light red clay. Type XXI of Corinth ... 14 April 1937

[Object]  L 2996: Lamp Fragment

Two joining fragments preserve nozzle, handle, about half rim; some of discus and reverse. Discus, plain, almond-shaped. Handle, pierced two grooves above, none below. Rim, plain. Reverse apparently plain ... 14 April 1937

[Object]  L 3008: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Chip missing from wall and base. Rays on discus, eggs on rim. Handle grooved and pierced. Flat base outlined by groove and with two small grooved circles at center. Signature incised. Unglazed. Pale buff ... 6 May 1937


[Object]  L 3017: Plastic Lamp: Isis

Figure of a woman, swaddled tightly, like a mummy, with her arms straight down her sides inside the swaddling bands. The feet, each with six toes, stick out below; and the nozzle below the feet. Air hole ... 8 May 1937

[Object]  L 3022: Lamp

Large piece missing. Shallow open bowl with flat bottom and vertical handle attached at rim and bottom. Side curves in at edge of break for pinched-in mouth. Handmade. Gritty micaceous clay, gray at core, ... 10 May 1937

[Object]  L 3091: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Handle missing. Alternate hearts and shields in relief on shoulder. Red metallic glaze. Faint traces of signature on irregular base. Type XVIII of Corinth collection, type 50B of Agora collection. Cistern, ... 2 June 1937

[Object]  L 3169: Lamp Fragment

Part of the discus. Draped figure riding to right on an elephant. Unglazed. Buff clay. Type XXVII of Corinth collection. Well. Fourth century A.D. Leica ... 16-21 May 1937

[Object]  L 3208: Lamp

Entire. On discus, Christian monogram with "alpha" and "omega" between bars. On rim, herringbone. Handle pierced. On reverse, "K Y" within heart-shaped panel. Unglazed. Pale-buff clay. Type XXVIII of ... 15 July 1937

[Object]  L 3329: Lamp

Intact. On discus in relief, figure of nude youth facing his right hand on his mouth, his left holding a cornucopia. High headdress. Harpocrates (?). Plain rim with grooves at inner edge, and two small ... 26 March 1938

[Object]  L 3358: Lamp

Intact except for chips. No handle; low base ring, triangular nozzle with a volute at each side; three grooves on narrow rim, twisted rosette on sharply concave discus. Irregular mottled red glaze. Buff ... 16 April 1938

[Object]  L 3445: Lamp

Nozzle and bit of rim missing. Very slightly raised broad base; the floor rises to a low cone at the center; angular profile; flat rim. Brown to black glaze inside and on nozzle, otherwise unglazed except ... 25 May 1938

[Object]  L 3484: Lamp

Top part of rim. Rays on rim, bird on disc. Pointed handle. Coarse red-brown clay; buff surface. Type XXXIII of Corinth collection. Leica, 83-306 ... 1 June 1938

[Object]  L 3508: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Intact except for chips. Spirals on panelled rim. Ram, left, on discus; grooves and ridges at edge. Semi-pierced handle, double grooved front and back. Incised beneath, within a single groove. Unglazed ... 10 June 1938

[Object]  L 3524: Lamp

Intact. Concave base, pierced knob, no handle. Low rounded body with groove around filling hole. Nozzle flattened on top. Imitation blister ware fabric (?). Buff clay with light gray wash; pared surfaces ... 6 June 1938

[Object]  L 3547: Lamp

Intact except for chips and hole in bottom. On rim, triangles, leaves and dot clusters. On discus, Christian monogram with tail of "rho" to right. Solid handle, ungrooved above; on back of lamp below handle, ... 10 June 1938

[Object]  L 3629: Mold for Upper Part of Lamp and Modern Cast

Intact. Clay mold for lamp with rays on curving rim, pointed nozzle; cornucopia on left side, a small circle at every point of triangular nozzle. On back of mold incised letters: "ΛΛ". Incisions for strings ... 15 November 1938

[Object]  L 3633: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Intact. Deep watch-shaped body; decoration in relief on its top; a leaf and shield on either side. Small concave discus, set off from the top by a groove. Triangular nozzle; double-rolled handle, rising ... 30 December 1938

[Object]  L 3636: Lamp Fragment

Most of the discus, about one-third of the rim, and the stump of one handle preserved. Rim paneled; egg-pattern impressed around inner edge. On discus, bearded nude figure to right, struggling with serpents ... 16 February 1938

[Object]  L 3714: Lamp

Intact. Plain rim with herringbone panels; two grooves at its inner edge, and two either side of the pointed nozzle. On the discus, a bear walking left, past a pear tree; one of the pears has fallen to ... 18 April 1939


[Object]  L 3731: Lamp

Mended from several pieces; complete save for small piece of discus, rim and top, at left. Wreath on rim, with plain panels. On the discus, bust of Athena, left. She wears a crested Corinthian helmet and ... 4 May 1939

[Object]  L 3758: Lamp

Nozzle broken off, and chip missing. Shallow lower body joined to the upper body at a sharp angle. Down sloping rim, with traces of rays. On the large discus, remains of relief decoration, crosses (?) ... 8 May 1939

[Object]  L 3777: Lamp

Fragments of lower body missing. Lug on top at left; two ridges around filling hole; raised base, concave beneath. Greenish-black glaze, much worn. Type IX of Corinth collection, type 43A of Agora collection ... 12 May 1939

[Object]  L 3779: Lamp with Relief Head of Pan

Complete save minor chips. Ordinary watch-shaped type, the top rather flat; a groove and ridge around the filling hole; raised base, roughly made. Pierced knob on left; in high relief between filling hole ... 13 May 1939

[Object]  L 3801: Lamp

Intact, except for chips from end of nozzle. Low raised base, depressed top, vertical loop-handle, side-knob, unpierced. No glaze. Buff clay, smoothly surfaced. Type XII (early spreading variety) of Corinth ... 22 May 1939

[Object]  L 3802: Lamp

Top only; end of nozzle and part of rim missing. Wavy line and circles on rim; jewelled cross on discus; pointed knob handle; broad channel to filling hole. No glaze. Yellow-buff clay. Type XXXI of Corinth ... 23 May 1939

[Object]  L 3804: Lamp

End of nozzle broken away, and small chips missing. Nearly vertical walls; narrow down sloping rim set off from sides by a groove. Horizontal handle round in section; raised flat base. Good black glaze ... 23 May 1939

[Object]  L 3806: Lamp

Handle and most of one wall missing. Concave bottom, broad flat floor, walls sharply rounded to plain rim. Horizontal spurred handle. Large nozzle, unbridged. Interior, nozzle, handle and edge of rim glazed ... 24 May 1939

[Object]  L 3810: Lamp

Handle missing. Otherwise intact save minor chips. Small sunken discus with three small filling holes, three stars and, at center, a raised knob. Herringbone pattern on rim. Body sharply double convex ... 23 May 1939

[Object]  L 3862: Lamp Fragment

Small piece of discus with standing bear, right. Light brown clay; dark brown wash. Type XXVIII of Corinth collection. Cf. Corinth IV, ii, pp. 102-114, nos. 786-1412, pls. XIII-XIX. Well. Container 4 ... 300-350 A.D.


[Object]  L 3908: Plastic Lamp: Head of Bull

Complete except for end of nozzle (i.e., lower jaw) and small chips. Lamp in form of bull's head, filleted, and with floral ornament between horns. Filling hole-strainer with five holes on top of head ... 10 June 1939

[Object]  L 3918: Lamp: Inscribed

Handle missing; end of nozzle broken off. Ribs on upper body and a small rough unpierced lug; small slightly depressed top; simulated ring foot. Inscribed on line of shoulder, either side of nozzle: "ΙΕΡΟΣ ... 12 June 1939