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[Object]  A 2874: Molding

Broken at both ends. Front surface decorated with a running vine pattern. Back and top rough-picked. Byzantine. Pentelic marble. From circled marbles in section O. Leica ... Byzantine


[Object]  I 4745: Dedicatory Plaque

Inscribed fragment. Mended from many pieces. A rectangular plaque dressed smooth behind, its edges bordered by a straight incised line and by the edges of a series of drill holes. The plaque may originally ... 24 April 1937


[Object]  P 44: Red Figure Calyx Krater Fragments

a) Near the top of the fragment is an ovolo band; below is a nude male figure facing to the left, his hair bound by a white band. He holds some indistinguishable object in his outstretched right hand ... a) 3 July 1931 b) 20 May 1938 c) June 1938

[Object]  P 5107: Red Figure Calyx Krater Fragments

Part of the lip and upper wall remains, mended from several pieces. The lip band is decorated by a garland of ivy, the side wall by two zones of figures separated by a band of ovules. Of the upper zone ... 4 March 1935


[Object]  P 7016: Kantharos

Intact. Low base with concentric circles and a dot, beneath. Rays to handle zone; a hanging hook between each. In handle zone, elaborate vegetal ornament, the decoration on both sides arranged off center ... 13 March 1936