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[Object]  IL 360: Lead Seal

Seal of Bishop John VI of Athens. Obverse: bust of the Virgin holding the Child. Monogram to the left. Reverse: an inscription, with a cross above and below : ΣΦΡΑΓΙC ΑΘΗΝΩΝ ΠΟΙΜΕΝΟC ΙΩΑΝΝΟΥ Leica, ... 30 March 1936


[Object]  L 1680: Lamp on Stand

Lamp on high stand. Piece missing from side of lamp and from edge of base. Vertical handle. Green pale glaze on lamp, handle, and drip: spots on the stand; light slip. Pinkish-buff clay. Pit with Byzantine ... 11 March 1935


[Object]  L 4754: Lamp

Rear end broken away. On discus a draped and bearded figure bearing a cross; on rim circles and diamonds; on bottom a cross; Christian symbols. Unglazed. Type XXXI of Corinth collection. Ρωμαϊκός λύχνος, ... 25 July 1950


[Object]  L 5246: Lamp

Leaf device. Disc, decorated with Poseidon with dolphins and trident; two framing rings. On rim, 8-S, panels. Handle, grooved and punch-marked. On base, within circular groove, relief outline of leaf ... 1955

[Object]  MC 74: Stamp

A round plaque, complete, with a raised edge. Inscribed. Unglazed. In the center of the obverse, a cross in a circle; between the arms circles with dots in the center; the whole surrounded by a double ... 1 March 1934


[Object]  P 1902: Jug with Paint Decoration

A fragment of the rim and one of the neck missing. Low base with flat under- surface, unglazed. Swelling sides, trefoil lip, ribbon handle. In an oval frame with transverse bars between double lines is ... 28 April 1933

[Object]  P 2221: Plate Fragment with Sgraffito Decoration

Fragment of the rim and sides is preserved. The piece comes from a large, low bowl with open flaring sides. On the interior, a fantastic animal to right, maned, with small curling ears and long tongue ... March-April 1933

[Object]  P 2920: Plate Fragment with Sgraffito Decoration

Mended from three fragments; the profile complete. At the center, remains of an ornamental medallion; just inside the rim, a band of interlocking petal pattern; between, parts of two animals, a goat, and ... 11 May 1933

[Object]  P 3075: Brazier Fragment

Brittle white clay; light green glaze darker in places; fired yellowish-brown where lines or dots have been incised. A triple affair, the outer part of which has an elaborate cut out pattern; its lowest ... 5 February 1934


[Object]  P 3769: Dish with Sgraffito Decoration

Small shallow dish set on a stand; stem broken off. The design, in elaborate incised style, shows a seated hare facing right. The background scraped away: Β 2 Pale green glaze inside and out. Trench ... 4 May 1934