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[Object]  A 408: Capital

A virtually square capital carved with seven petaled palmettes on the face and leaves at the corners. A square dowel hole irregularly placed on top. A rosette above the palmette is preserved on only one ... Byzantine

[Object]  A 409: Impost Block

A square impost block, carved on the beveled edge with trefoil ornament in the corners, cross with circles in the center, with two crosses in diamonds with dotted triangles as filling ornaments on either ... Byzantine


[Object]  A 2268: Anta Capital

Largely complete; at the back a rough-picked projection to tie into the wall. Carved all around with acanthus, petal and palmette pattern in low relief, between moldings. Pentelic marble. Gymnasium Southeast ... 14 April 1953

[Object]  A 3058: Impost Block

Part of one straight flaring end preserved with a simple broad leaf pattern. Early Christian. Circled marbles in section Ο. Leica ... May 1960

[Object]  A 3212: Impost Capital

Early Christian. Provenience unknown. Leica ... 1960


[Object]  A 3301: Impost Block

One corner of block hacked or broken away. Two adjacent sides decorated; on one, in the center, a cross with tendrils in the angles flanked by acanthus leaves; at the corner, water leaves. On long side, ... 1961


[Object]  B 293: Cross

A Latin cross with projections at the corners. One side decorated with small concentric circles around dots. Church of Christ, S.E. corner below period B floor level and above tiles. Leica, color slide ... 19 March 1936

[Object]  B 304: Plaque : Horseman

Head of rider missing. A spirited horse faces right; the warrior rider holds a long lance in his right hand, which is held up and back. A very thin plaque, the back plain; details on the front in low relief ... 24 March 1936

[Object]  B 674: Pendant

A small thin plaque stamped with the figures of Virgin and Child. Back plain; suspension ring above; one raised hand broken off. Cf. Hesperia Suppl. 5 (1941), p. 5, fig. 1 (Grave 33). Infant 's grave ... 9 March 1939


[Object]  G 61: Bowl

A small puncture in the side; otherwise intact. A thin wall blown into a calyx mould. Oxidized to greenish brown. Broken in vitrine and mended resulting in substantial hole in the side. Not known when ... 24 March 1936

[Object]  IL 360: Lead Seal

Seal of Bishop John VI of Athens. Obverse: bust of the Virgin holding the Child. Monogram to the left. Reverse: an inscription, with a cross above and below : ΣΦΡΑΓΙC ΑΘΗΝΩΝ ΠΟΙΜΕΝΟC ΙΩΑΝΝΟΥ Leica, ... 30 March 1936


[Object]  L 1680: Lamp on Stand

Lamp on high stand. Piece missing from side of lamp and from edge of base. Vertical handle. Green pale glaze on lamp, handle, and drip: spots on the stand; light slip. Pinkish-buff clay. Pit with Byzantine ... 11 March 1935


[Object]  L 4754: Lamp

Rear end broken away. On discus a draped and bearded figure bearing a cross; on rim circles and diamonds; on bottom a cross; Christian symbols. Unglazed. Type XXXI of Corinth collection. Ρωμαϊκός λύχνος, ... 25 July 1950


[Object]  L 5246: Lamp

Leaf device. Disc, decorated with Poseidon with dolphins and trident; two framing rings. On rim, 8-S, panels. Handle, grooved and punch-marked. On base, within circular groove, relief outline of leaf ... 1955

[Object]  MC 74: Stamp

A round plaque, complete, with a raised edge. Inscribed. Unglazed. In the center of the obverse, a cross in a circle; between the arms circles with dots in the center; the whole surrounded by a double ... 1 March 1934


[Object]  P 1902: Jug with Paint Decoration

A fragment of the rim and one of the neck missing. Low base with flat under- surface, unglazed. Swelling sides, trefoil lip, ribbon handle. In an oval frame with transverse bars between double lines is ... 28 April 1933

[Object]  P 2221: Plate Fragment with Sgraffito Decoration

Fragment of the rim and sides is preserved. The piece comes from a large, low bowl with open flaring sides. On the interior, a fantastic animal to right, maned, with small curling ears and long tongue ... March-April 1933

[Object]  P 2920: Plate Fragment with Sgraffito Decoration

Mended from three fragments; the profile complete. At the center, remains of an ornamental medallion; just inside the rim, a band of interlocking petal pattern; between, parts of two animals, a goat, and ... 11 May 1933

[Object]  P 3075: Brazier Fragment

Brittle white clay; light green glaze darker in places; fired yellowish-brown where lines or dots have been incised. A triple affair, the outer part of which has an elaborate cut out pattern; its lowest ... 5 February 1934


[Object]  P 3769: Dish with Sgraffito Decoration

Small shallow dish set on a stand; stem broken off. The design, in elaborate incised style, shows a seated hare facing right. The background scraped away: Β 2 Pale green glaze inside and out. Trench ... 4 May 1934


[Object]  P 5026: Plate with Sgraffito Decoration

Shallow plate on high ring foot. Mended from five pieces, a small bit missing from the edge. Three pairs of rivet holes indicate an ancient mend. Fine sgraffito decoration. Nicked edge; then two bands ... 12 March 1935


[Object]  P 5673: Bowl with Sgraffito Decoration

Numerous fragments mended into one and preserving about three-quarters of the bowl. Profile complete. A shallow open bowl with plain rim and low ring foot. At center, a head with pointed cap and beard, ... 13 May 1935

[Object]  P 7133: Plate Fragment with Incised Decoration

Several pieces of rim missing. Shallow plate with low base ring and a slight upward curve for the lip. Central medallion bordered by two scraped circles, containing an heraldic animal, reserved, against ... 24 March 1936

[Object]  P 8003: Bowl Fragment with Incised Decoration

Fragment of center of bowl on very high ring foot. Part of a circular medallion with a lion, right but looking back. Pinkish-buff clay, white slip outside; yellow glaze. With coins 46-53. Leica, XXIII-63 ... 26 May 1936


[Object]  P 8623: Dish Fragment with Sgraffito Decoration

From a large dish with flat floor, upturned rim, and a low ring foot. One rim fragment does not join. Akritas, at right, holds a bow. At left, the head of the dragon bends over, its neck pierced with five ... 12th.-13th. c.


[Object]  P 9396: Plate with Sgraffito Decoration

Less than half preserved. Large plate on very low ring foot. Almost vertical rim A warrior, facing, wearing a high conical cap, a tight-fitting suit of crisscrossed underwear covering arms and legs, and ... 16 March 1937


[Object]  P 10147: Chafing Dish

A small piece of the rim, parts of the base, and both handles, except for one lower attachment, missing. Deep inner bowl with moulded rim and flat bottom. High narrow base on concave foot, with a large ... 26 April 1937

[Object]  P 10148: Spouted Pot

Much of wall and rim, and top of spout missing. Restored in plaster. Small flat-bottomed pot, with straight rim, and vertical handle from top of rim to below point of greatest circumference. Spout set ... 26 April 1937

[Object]  P 10638: Plate Fragment with Sgraffito Decoration

Two joining fragments, preserving about one-half of base and center of plate. Low ring foot. Medium coarse red clay; outside white slipped; inside, in center, surrounded by a sgraffito band of linear ornament, ... 26 May 1937

[Object]  P 12319: Plate or Bowl Fragment with Sgraffito ...

From the bottom of a plate or bowl with ring foot. Preserved is the front part of a large fish, right. Creamy yellow glaze inside; outside, white slip; thin almost colorless glaze not covering underside ... 21-24 March 1938

[Object]  P 14674: Bowl Fragment with Sgraffito Decoration

From a bowl with small ring foot, chipped. Head, neck and part of wing of a bird with heavy curved beak, standing right, looking back left. Incised sgraffito filling oranaments in field. Heavy fabric; ... 27 March 1939

[Object]  P 14999: Bowl Fragment with Sgraffito Decoration

Low ring foot; center of floor and part of wall preserved. Rabbit, right, body incised, head and ears sgraffito, legs and paws part incised, part sgraffito. Very long ears. Bit of enclosing circle, incised, ... 11 May 1939

[Object]  P 22156: Vessel Fragment with Sgraffito Decoration

A curious Π-shaped piece of pottery with edges broken all around, but parts of glazed surfaces on every face, except along break in side. Triangular handle? Lion's head facing, in medallion on broad top; ... 26 March 1952


[Object]  S 487: Relief Fragment

Slab from a Byzantine iconostasis. About one half preserved. Marble. Bought for 50 dr. from a woman named Zoe Lagraki, whose grandfather was said to have removed it from the church. Leica ... Byzantine


[Object]  S 511: Sarcophagus Fragments

a) The larger fragment, mended from three pieces, preserves the back, the upper edge, cut back at the front, and the panel below to within ca. 0.065m. of the bottom. Broken at the sides. b) The smaller ... Byzantine


[Object]  S 601: Lintel Block with Carved Decoration

In center: a circle enclosing a guilloche cross with rosettes between the arms. On either side of the circle are successively a beast, a vertical band of interlaced circles enclosing rosettes and crosses, ... Byzantine


[Object]  S 657: Portrait Statue of Draped Standing Male ...

A life-size statue, of which head, lower part from about knees down, and hands are missing. The shoulder and upper back are damaged. The left arm is bent at the elbow, with the hand held forward; the right ... 5th c. A.D. (?).


[Object]  S 740: Relief

A rectangular panel with heraldic design in low relief; the left side broken away. The central design is framed by a band of palmettes across the top, of floras scrolls on the side and bottom. In the center, ... Byzantine


[Object]  S 1606: Iconostasis Slab Fragment

Broken above and on right. Preserves lower left corner of slab, with elaborate interlace design beginning 0.185m. from bottom, 0.065m. from left. Traces of cement show reuse in wall. White marble. Marble ... 7 April 1952