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[Object]  AP 2422: Amphora: Chian

Restored in plaster. Buff, brown glaze on rim. Incised letter and painted Λ. Well A. 353 VG photos: 623.22,23,24,25 (whole jar) ... 12 May 1930


[Object]  B 704: Lamp

Several small holes in bowl as a result of corrosion; otherwise intact. An open bowl with a long flat handle which is horizontal as it leaves the body, but turns downward towards its end. The rim of the ... 2 June 1939


[Object]  P 331: Storage Amphora

Flat rim, slightly bent down; thick neck with two vertical handles upon it; long slender body tapering to a point at bottom. Pinkish clay. Unglazed. In drain. Leica ... 9 March 1932


[Object]  P 332: Storage Amphora

Thick flaring lip; long neck with two vertical handles attached to it; extremely slender body tapering to a point. Clay pared lengthwise giving a ribbed effect. Pinkish clay. Unglazed. In drain. Leica ... 9 March 1932


[Object]  P 675: Amphora with Dipinto: Thasian and Stamped

On handle, a rectangular stamp with plough. On front of neck, inscribed with red paint. Buff clay. Capacity (barley) 6625 (Lang 1954). Noted under Hesperia Suppl. 10 (1956), under no. 57 (p. 137). ... 25 April 1932


[Object]  P 1114: Storage Amphora: Chian

Much mended. Handles unstamped. Long pointed base; tapering body; sharply profiled shoulder; long neck and handles; lip very lightly rolled. Fine buff clay. Unglazed. Cf. Hesperia 3 (1934), p. 332. ADDENDA ... 1 June 1932


[Object]  P 1253: Storage Amphora: Banded

Mended from many fragments; pieces missing from walls and one handle, restored in plaster. Ring foot; heavy rolled rim. The pot has been brushed over with a dilute glaze wash, shading from clay color to ... August-September 1932


[Object]  P 2366: Storage Amphora with Graffito: Chian

Mended from many fragments; bits of rim, neck and sides restored. Elongated, oblong lip, bulbous below rim, sharply angled shoulder. Graffito on neck running downwards: ... ΓΕΕ ΔΕΚΑΤΗ ... ΡΕ Coarse ... 4 April 1933


[Object]  P 2371: Storage Amphora with Graffito

Mended from many pieces. Bits of handle, neck, shoulder, and sides restored. Elongated oblong neck; sharply angled shoulder; bulge below rim. Scratched across shoulder on one side: Rather coarse buff ... 4 April 1933


[Object]  P 2375: Storage Amphora with Dipinto: Mendean

Mended from many pieces. Fragments of shoulder and sides restored in plaster. Thumb mark under either handle. Dipinto in red, under one handle: Μ Ο Near the bottom, a small painted flower. Reddish-buff ... 4 April 1933


[Object]  P 2419: Storage Amphora

Complete save for chips to rim and base. Wheel ridges around the neck; just below the straight lip a deep groove. One of the handles much bent in the making. Coarse red clay. Accidentally broken in ... 19 June 1933


[Object]  P 3981: Storage Amphora: Coan

Part of one handle and fragments from the side are missing. Fairly plump body with well defined shoulder; small tip twice drawn in; low neck; thickened lip; double handles. Coarse red clay fired pale ... 2 May 1934


[Object]  P 6353: Storage Amphora: Coan

Plump body, quite pointed below and ending in a knob; nearly flat upper body, sharp shoulder. Narrow rather short neck; double handles. Pinkish buff clay; heavy white slip. Joins SS 4276. Cistern ... 22 May-6 June 1935


[Object]  P 6395: Storage Amphora with Dipinto: Corcyrean

Pointed egg-shaped body with straight neck and echinus (mushroom) lip; handles shoulder to just below lip. A groove around neck, two more on the shoulder just below handle attachments; a sort of coarse ... 19-22 June 1935


[Object]  P 6796: Storage Amphora

Similar to P 6795 (ΠΘ 399). Plump eggy body, pointed neck, thickened at upper handle attachment; lip flaring; heavily moulded. Cylindrical handles. Gritty buff clay. Unglazed. Cistern. Leica, 83-2-40 ... 19 February 1936


[Object]  P 10408: Red Figure Oinochoe

Mended from many pieces, preserving most of the foot and lower part of squat body. Youth with small jug, among many large jars. His head, shoulders and right(?) arm missing; himation(?) knotted around ... 16 May 1936


[Object]  P 10790: Storage Amphora

Intact. Elongated ovoid body with a blunt spike at the bottom. Narrow neck with thickened lip. Thin gray slip. Well D. Leica ... 13 June 1937


[Object]  P 11018: Amphora: Lesbian

Much of the wall and lip missing; restored in plaster. Ovoid body ending in a spike, straight neck, rolled handles from just below rounded lip. Coarse gray clay, unglazed. Well, late 5th.-4th. c. B.C ... 18 May-4 June 1937


[Object]  P 11481: Amphora

Bottom missing and fragments from walls. Elongated body, rounding toward bottom; shoulder rounded; short narrow neck with funnel mouth; small handles, below mouth to shoulder. Clay pink to buff. Cistern, ... 13 April 1937

[Object]  P 11880: Amphora

Few missing pieces restored in plaster. Small knob bottom; elongated cylindrical body; conical shoulder; short neck set in from shoulder with sharp cutting; rolled rim; angular double handles. Clay pinkish-buff ... February-April 1937


[Object]  P 12361: Storage Amphora with Dipinti

Intact except for small hole in one side and horned tips of handles. Elongated double convex body; the bottom finished with a pointed toe; the upper part inset slightly from the lower, tapers above to ... 8 April 1938

[Object]  P 12370: Storage Amphora

Intact. Tall slender cylindrical body, tapering below to long heavy flat-bottomed toe. Upper wall forms angle with shoulder; straight neck, echinus lip; double handles, below lip to edge of shoulder. ... 9 April 1938

[Object]  P 12469: Storage Amphora with Dipinto

Same shape as P 12468 (Ω 451); pointed angular tops of handles with thumb prints on outside. Dipinto in red, on shoulder between red bands: omicron on one side, delta on the other; on body, below handle, ... 11 April 1938

[Object]  P 12789: Storage Amphora

Neck missing with one handle and most of the other, and fragments from wall. Inverted pear-shaped body tapering to long thick toe. Handle round in section, the line of each handle is continued by a vertical ... 5 May 1938


[Object]  P 12795: Storage Amphora

Fragments of wall and piece of rim missing. Turnip-shaped body finished with short, thick toe. Straight neck, flat projecting lip. Heavy round handles just below lip to middle of shoulder. Clay pink at ... 6 May 1938


[Object]  P 12861: Amphora

Hole in shoulder; lip chipped; otherwise intact. Tapering body; sloping shoulder; tall narrow neck with collared lip; broad handles on neck. Brownish-red micaceous clay. Well, container 3. With sculpture ... 18 May 1938


[Object]  P 14519: Storage Amphora with Graffito

Wall fragmentary; restored in plaster. Plump eggy body and short straight neck with plain flaring thickened lip. Handles, shoulder to middle of neck. Rounded bottom with small pointed knob, chipped. Shallow ... 7, 9 March 1939

[Object]  P 14618: Storage Amphora

Mended from many fragments; pieces of wall missing. Tall irregularly cylindrical body with pointed toe; sloping shoulder, tapering neck with thick rolled lip; handles from shoulder to below lip. Pinkish ... 29 March 1939


[Object]  P 15310: Storage Amphora

One handle and fragments of mouth, neck and body missing. Sharply pointed bottom with projecting ridge; full body; sloping shoulder not sharply set off from neck or body; tall wide neck. Brownish clay ... 2 May 1939


[Object]  P 15358: Amphora

Mended from many pieces; fragments of mouth and body missing. Round mouth with torus lip, short neck, broad sloping shoulder. Body tapers downward to blunt point at bottom. Two vertical handles on upper ... 2 June 1939


[Object]  P 15359: Three-Handled Amphora

Mended from many pieces; small fragments of mouth and body missing. Wide mouth with out-turned lip. Raised ring at juncture of neck and body. Three rising horizontal handles on upper part of body; egg-shaped ... 2 June 1939


[Object]  P 15914: Stand Fragment

Most of neck and shoulder preserved; mended from several pieces. Very wide short neck-mouth sloping in slightly from a broad high shoulder. A horizontal raised band just above juncture of neck and shoulder ... Ca. 500-470 B.C.

[Object]  P 16524: Amphora: Chian

Most of one handle missing, and small pieces from the wall; restored in plaster. Pointed amphora with tall neck, rolled lip, angular shoulder, and large button toe, handles from below rim to near edge ... May, June 1939

[Object]  P 16703: Amphora with Dipinti

Cracked but unbroken. Profiled mouth. Tall cylindrical neck. Body tapers sharply to small concave bottom. Broad angular ridged handles. Large red dipinti on either side of neck: a) Φ Ι b) Gritty buff ... 17 May 1940


[Object]  P 18362: Storage Amphora

Complete save minor chips; one handle broken and mended. Tall neck with rolled rim; horned handles, shoulder to below rim. Slender elongated eggy body, tapering to pointed toe. Buff to pinkish clay; ... 15 July 1947

[Object]  P 18816: Storage Amphora: Chian

Mended from many pieces; small part of lip, and pieces of wall, missing. Walls taper sharply to small toe. Thickened lip, slightly flaring. Pink clay with warm buff surface. Well, upper fill. 6495 Leica, ... 23 July-6 August 1947


[Object]  P 19120: Storage Amphora: Chian

Mended from many pieces. Restored in plaster. Pointed toe; angular shoulder; handle round in section, with upper attachment well below rim. Hard red-brown clay, light buff at surface. Cistern, middle ... 9-17 March 1938


[Object]  P 21971: Storage Amphora

Mended from many pieces; restored in plaster. Swollen neck, pressed together by handles so that rim (plain) is not a circle. Rather thick handles without finger impression on base. Slim body. Foot hollow ... May-June 1951


[Object]  P 24126: Amphora with Graffito

Toe missing; otherwise unbroken. Very broad-shouldered amphora with sharply tapering walls; short neck; heavy torus rim; short handles, oval in section, from below rim to upper shoulder. Heavy yellowish-gray ... 8 June 1954


[Object]  P 24870: Storage Amphora

Mended. Similar to P 24869 (ΣΑ 2948). Foot of another possible duplicate in the sherds. Well under Stoa gutter, containers 46, 64, 65. Leica, color slide PD 2819-33 ... May-June 1954