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[Object]  B 1046: Blanks

Eleven pieces cut from a rod. One of these is the remnant of the rod, become to short for further cutting. Eight pieces are "normal", two are scraps. The cutting was done with a chisel anywhere from one ... 16 June 1953


[Object]  B 1056: Dikast's Ballot

Intact. Solid hub. Obverse : plain Reverse : E Δικαστική ψήφος, με ανάγλυφη παράσταση γράμματος "Ε". Terrace, first northern extension. Metals Room 90-27 Nov. 24, 2003-April 15, 2004 2773 Leica, color ... 27 November 1953

[Object]  B 1058: Dikast's Ballot

Intact. Solid hub. Inscribed. Obverse : ΨΗΦΟΣ ΔΗΜΟΣΙΑ Reverse : Ε Ενεπίγραφη δικαστική ψήφος. Terrace, first northern extension. Metals Room 90-27 Nov. 24, 2003-April 15, 2004 2773 Leica, color slide, ... 27 November 1953


[Object]  B 1082: Official Measure

Cylindrical. Sides slightly concave. Raised bands at top and bottom. Flat bottom with three broad shallow legs of which one missing. Inscription incised around band at top. See B 1082 BIS. Μέτρο χαλκού, ... Card: ca. 400 B.C.

[Object]  B 1082 BIS: Official Measure

This measure is smaller than the B 1082. The tripod feet appears to have been set upside down inside the first but the corrosion is so far advanced that the two cannot be separated. Bottom and less than ... Card: ca. 400 B.C.


[Object]  B 1221: Flan

Smoothed, made ready for striking Panathenaic Way cut I, loose upper filling. Late Roman. 558 Leica ... 25 April 1959

[Object]  B 1253: Blank for Bronze Coin

End of a bronze rod somewhat angular in section out by a cold chisel. Reminiscent of blanks from the mint. South Stoa II, east end , layer III. Disturbed 2nd c. B.C. context. 6641 Leica ... 18 July 1960

[Object]  B 1641: Flan

The flan has two sides. One is flat with some striations. The other has leveled edges and a central punch mark. Next to the punch mark is a countermanrk of an open right hand, implying the flan had circulated ... Card: 2nd c. A.D.


[Object]  I 236: Record Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Confiscated property of Alcibiades. "POLETAI" record. Fragment ΣΤ 604 from upper right corner of inscribed block. Full thickness of block preserved, but large flakes broken from surface ... (ΣΤ 604) 11 May 1932 a) (Κ 1350) 16 July 1947 b) (Κ 22) 22 January 1934 c) (ΘΘ 5) 18 December 1936 c) (ΙΙ 242b) March 1938 d) (ΘΘ 30) 30 December 1936 d) (ΘΘ 44) 17 January 1937 d) )ΙΙ 133) 7-8 March 1938 ...


[Object]  I 317: Marble Fragment: Treaty

Top of inscribed stele. The full width of the stone, and the top surface, is preserved. The plain top, on which are the first two lines of the inscription, projects 0.015m. from the main part of the stele ... 450 B.C.