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[Website]  The Athenian Citizen: Standard Weights and Measures

The Controllers of Measures (Metronomoi) have also left us many samples of their work. One set of bronze weights (34), inscribed as standard weights of the Athenians, are surmounted by molded symbols ...


[Object]  A 1133: Tile Standard

One corner and part of one end broken away; otherwise complete. On one face two long concave cuttings, one wide and shaped rather like a rain tile, the other narrow and rather like a cover tile. Anathyrosis ... 17 July 1946


[Object]  AO 152: Ostrakon of Themistokles Neokleos

Βάση μελαμβαφούς κύλικος, (Θεμιστοκλής Νεοκλέους). Διάφοροι χείρες.


[Object]  B 146: Dikast's Ballot

Entire; pierced. Clearing area of S.W. building, disturbed. Leica, Color slide, 80-130 ... 28 February 1934


[Object]  B 262: Shield

Inscribed. Found largely complete, but very much bent and chipped. An oval shield with a narrow rim ornamented with a fine multiple guilloche pattern repousse. The central part of the shield was apparently ... 7 February 1936


[Object]  B 492: Athenian Weight : "a Fourth"

Thick square slab of bronze. The metal having a high lead content. On the top added in relief, an oval shield. Inscribed on top lengthwise of the shield and around two vertical faces. Σταθμά εξ ορειχάλκου ... 4 June 1937


[Object]  B 495: Athenian Weight : Stater

Thick square slab of bronze. The metal with a high lead context. On the top, in relief, an astragal. Incised on the top and around two of the side faces. Σταθμά εξ ορειχάλκου. Αθηναϊκός ενεπίγραφος στατήρας ... 7 June 1937


[Object]  B 497: Athenian Weight : "a Sixth"

Thick square bronze block. Tortoise on top in relief. Inscribed on top and sides. Σταθμά εξ ορειχάλκου. Φέρει στην κορυφή ανάγλυφη παράσταση χελώνας. Βάρος: 126 gr. Well, lower fill, earth. Stoa Gallery ... 11 June 1937

[Object]  B 725: Phiale Fragment

Part of the floor, and the omphalos, preserved. Pitiful condition. Pit, burned patch at east, near Sacrificial Pit X. 2275 Leica ... 13 June 1939


[Object]  B 822: Dikast's Ticket

Broken off at the right. Very thin. Inscribed in punched letters. Eνεπίγραφο δικαστικό πινάκιο. Φέρει αποκρούσεις στη μία του πλευρά. Acropolis Museum Temporary Exhibition (May 2010) House C, room 4, layer ... 13 October 1947