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[Object]  T 214: Seated Draped Female Figurine with Child

Woman holding by the head a child standing close between her knees with arms stretched to embrace her. Head of woman missing. Modelling effaced for part of sides. Back unmodelled; pose of woman not quite ... 18 April 1932

[Object]  T 224: Horse Figurine

Mended from two pieces (head and body). Left foreleg and lower parts of other legs missing; also collar strap across chest, where a broad stripe in lighter red extends from the broken ends of the strap, ... 22 April 1932

[Object]  T 245: Shield

Votive shield. Complete with arm and hand strap. Hand strap broken off but repaired. Painted red. Splotches of spilt black lustrous glaze. Cream slip inside. Pinkish buff clay. Πήλινο αναθηματικό ομοίωμα ... 28 April 1932


[Object]  T 265: Relief Plaque

Plaque with battle scene; youth attacking rider. Mended from four fragments; edge along top broken. Top of head of standing youth missing, and tip of shield which he holds on his left arm. Perhaps a trial ... 10 May 1932


[Object]  T 313: Male Head

Bearded, bald head. Chips missing from brow, beard, left cheek, and back of head. No trace of attachment ot body. Handmade, but skilfully deeply modelled with engraving tool. No certain traces of paint ... 1 June 1932


[Object]  T 333: Thanatos or Hypnos Figurine

Youthful male figure with outspread wings stands cross-legged leaning against a low tree stump behind him. End of left wing broken off. His right hand rests on his left shoulder. By his left side stands ... 9 June 1932


[Object]  T 378: Mask of Silenus Type

Complete; no back, and no evidence of attachment. Bald head with only a tuft of hair, sharply projecting brows, sunken cheeks, long moustaches and wide beard. Remains of white slip and traces of bright ... 10 March 1933


[Object]  T 478: Mask

Life size comic mask. Mended from many pieces. The mask does not include the ears. It has a finished edge right and left just in front of the ears. The eyes and nostrils are pierced. At the sides, level ... 10 June 1933


[Object]  T 511: Female with Child Figurine

The head missing, and most of the feet. The edges finished. The woman, seated, clothed in a long garment, holds a suckling child on her left arm, and holds her breast with her right hand. Mould-made; open ... 31 January 1934

[Object]  T 519: Female Head

Broken at neck and behind. Head in high headdress. Gouged technique. Restored with T 511. Late Roman. In red fill. Found with L 1259. Leica, color slide, 81-385 ... 13 February 1934