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[Object]  P 23822: Oinochoe: Woman's Head

Handle, mouth, chip from bottom, part of diadem(?), and some curls, missing. Head inclining towards her proper left. Heavy spreading neck with Venus rings indicated; full mouth, long nose. Most of forehead ... Beginning of 4th c. B.C.


[Object]  T 139: Seated Draped Female Figurine

Head, right arm, and back of chair missing; also right foot. The figure holds a mirror in lap. Left foot raised on footstool. Thin high-girted chiton, with deep V neck; himation over shoulders and across ... 18 March 1932


[Object]  T 175: Painted Plaque

Surface gone from lower left part of plaque. A goddess with upraised hands standing between two snakes. The head in relief. In upper corners, holes for suspension. Painting in deep red over white slip, ... 31 March 1932

[Object]  T 176: Votive Shield

Blue, white and red concentric bands round white center. Inside, arm and hand straps. Inside, traces of white paint. Pinkish buff clay. Πήλινο αναθηματικό ομοίωμα ασπίδος. Φέρει ομόκεντρες λευκές, ερυθρές ... 30 March 1932

[Object]  T 177: Votive Shield

Mended from several fragments. Bit missing from margin. Marginal strap broken away. Red margin and center; between, three red crescents on cream ground. Inside, central strap. Pinkish buff clay. Πήλινο ... 30 March 1932


[Object]  T 186: Horses with Driver Figurine

Four horses with driver figurine. Forelegs missing; mended from many fragments. The driver leans against the long hind legs of the central horses and rests his hands on their backs. The driver stands on ... 31 March 1932


[Object]  T 194: Standing Male Figurine

Columnar type with spreading flattened base. Left arm missing. Mended from two pieces (body and right arm). Bearded, helmeted man. Right arm raised as for a spear; a shield probably hung on his left arm ... 31 March 1932

[Object]  T 204: Horse Figurine

Most of right foreleg and left hindleg missing. Legs repaired from three pieces. No feet preserved. Tail down the right leg. All over pattern in red stripes and dots on white paint. Pinkish buff clay ... 13 April 1932


[Object]  T 209: Horse Figurine

Ends of feet missing. Painted red. Part of left side not painted; white stripes down legs. Pinkish buff clay. Πήλινο ομοίωμα ίππου. Φέρει λευκές διακοσμητικές ταινίες στα άκρα. Terracotta deposit, 1.30m ... 16 April 1932

[Object]  T 212: Head of Female Figurine

Head with hair knotted high behind. Chin preserved; back of neck broken away. Head in very good condition except for slight scratching. Mould-made; solid. Careful work, finished except for small patch ... 18 April 1932