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[Object]  B 253: Statuette : Glykon

A sea-serpent (?), coiled, with head reared. Serpent with long curly mane; hollow beneath. The creature has a human head, female. Over the face two long locks of hair hang down. Χάλκινος όφις με ανθρωποκεφαλή ... May 1935

[Object]  B 686: Statuette : Weary Herakles

The base on which the figure stood, and the support under left arm missing. Fingers of left hand broken; otherwise intact. Nude bearded male standing facing, but with the head turned sharply to his left ... 1st c. B.C.


[Object]  B 881: Statuette : Aphrodite

Circular base, lightly moulded above and below. Standing figure, the right leg slightly bent. The figure is partly draped, with the cloak wrapped round her thighs, its bunched folds falling in front ... Card: 3rd A.D.


[Object]  B 883: Statuette of Harpokrates

Base missing; figure mounted on modern wood base. Standing figure, nude save for a goat skin which passes over his left shoulder. Held in his left hand and resting along his left arm is a cornucopia which ... Card: 3rd A.D.


[Object]  BI 167: Ivory Statuette

Statuette of Muse (?) A female figure wearing a thin, high-girt chiton and over her lap and knees, an himation. She sits left, on a bench or rock, but faces front. On her left arm she holds a large lyre; ... 24 May 1935