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[Object]  B 253: Statuette : Glykon

A sea-serpent (?), coiled, with head reared. Serpent with long curly mane; hollow beneath. The creature has a human head, female. Over the face two long locks of hair hang down. Χάλκινος όφις με ανθρωποκεφαλή ... May 1935

[Object]  B 686: Statuette : Weary Herakles

The base on which the figure stood, and the support under left arm missing. Fingers of left hand broken; otherwise intact. Nude bearded male standing facing, but with the head turned sharply to his left ... 1st c. B.C.


[Object]  B 881: Statuette : Aphrodite

Circular base, lightly moulded above and below. Standing figure, the right leg slightly bent. The figure is partly draped, with the cloak wrapped round her thighs, its bunched folds falling in front ... Card: 3rd A.D.


[Object]  B 883: Statuette of Harpokrates

Base missing; figure mounted on modern wood base. Standing figure, nude save for a goat skin which passes over his left shoulder. Held in his left hand and resting along his left arm is a cornucopia which ... Card: 3rd A.D.


[Object]  BI 167: Ivory Statuette

Statuette of Muse (?) A female figure wearing a thin, high-girt chiton and over her lap and knees, an himation. She sits left, on a bench or rock, but faces front. On her left arm she holds a large lyre; ... 24 May 1935


[Object]  BI 236: Ivory Statuette

Statuette of Apollo Lykaios. The head found largely complete; the body mended from over two hundred fragments. Small fragments from the torso missing; the front part of the left foot, the little finger ... 30 April 1936


[Object]  BI 752: Ivory Relief

Bearded head wearing wreath. Complete except for chips from nose, wreath and beard. Two holes in forehead, and one in beard for attachment of head to a box or piece of furniture. Face is cut at edge to ... 9 May 1956


[Object]  BI 762: Ivory Plaque

Split into several slivers, but apparently complete. A satyr head in profile to right; crown of ivy. Four holes for attachment. Phaidon Street, cistern, north chamber. Container no. 6. 1311 Leica, color ... 1 August 1957


[Object]  P 1231: Vessel: Kneeling Boy

Mended from many pieces; much of the boy's back and part of his right side missing. The hair hangs in a mass of conventionalized curls nearly to the middle of his back. The hands are lightly clasped, with ... Ca. 530 B.C.


[Object]  P 19250: Shoes

Shoes similar to P 19249 (ΟΟ 616), but somewhat larger and more fragmentary; all the fragments badly burned. Two pairs of triangular lace holes on each shoe; the decorated area (incised and reserved) over ... 8-10, 12 April 1948


[Object]  P 23822: Oinochoe: Woman's Head

Handle, mouth, chip from bottom, part of diadem(?), and some curls, missing. Head inclining towards her proper left. Heavy spreading neck with Venus rings indicated; full mouth, long nose. Most of forehead ... Beginning of 4th c. B.C.


[Object]  T 139: Seated Draped Female Figurine

Head, right arm, and back of chair missing; also right foot. The figure holds a mirror in lap. Left foot raised on footstool. Thin high-girted chiton, with deep V neck; himation over shoulders and across ... 18 March 1932


[Object]  T 175: Painted Plaque

Surface gone from lower left part of plaque. A goddess with upraised hands standing between two snakes. The head in relief. In upper corners, holes for suspension. Painting in deep red over white slip, ... 31 March 1932

[Object]  T 176: Votive Shield

Blue, white and red concentric bands round white center. Inside, arm and hand straps. Inside, traces of white paint. Pinkish buff clay. Πήλινο αναθηματικό ομοίωμα ασπίδος. Φέρει ομόκεντρες λευκές, ερυθρές ... 30 March 1932

[Object]  T 177: Votive Shield

Mended from several fragments. Bit missing from margin. Marginal strap broken away. Red margin and center; between, three red crescents on cream ground. Inside, central strap. Pinkish buff clay. Πήλινο ... 30 March 1932


[Object]  T 186: Horses with Driver Figurine

Four horses with driver figurine. Forelegs missing; mended from many fragments. The driver leans against the long hind legs of the central horses and rests his hands on their backs. The driver stands on ... 31 March 1932


[Object]  T 194: Standing Male Figurine

Columnar type with spreading flattened base. Left arm missing. Mended from two pieces (body and right arm). Bearded, helmeted man. Right arm raised as for a spear; a shield probably hung on his left arm ... 31 March 1932

[Object]  T 204: Horse Figurine

Most of right foreleg and left hindleg missing. Legs repaired from three pieces. No feet preserved. Tail down the right leg. All over pattern in red stripes and dots on white paint. Pinkish buff clay ... 13 April 1932


[Object]  T 209: Horse Figurine

Ends of feet missing. Painted red. Part of left side not painted; white stripes down legs. Pinkish buff clay. Πήλινο ομοίωμα ίππου. Φέρει λευκές διακοσμητικές ταινίες στα άκρα. Terracotta deposit, 1.30m ... 16 April 1932

[Object]  T 212: Head of Female Figurine

Head with hair knotted high behind. Chin preserved; back of neck broken away. Head in very good condition except for slight scratching. Mould-made; solid. Careful work, finished except for small patch ... 18 April 1932


[Object]  T 214: Seated Draped Female Figurine with Child

Woman holding by the head a child standing close between her knees with arms stretched to embrace her. Head of woman missing. Modelling effaced for part of sides. Back unmodelled; pose of woman not quite ... 18 April 1932

[Object]  T 224: Horse Figurine

Mended from two pieces (head and body). Left foreleg and lower parts of other legs missing; also collar strap across chest, where a broad stripe in lighter red extends from the broken ends of the strap, ... 22 April 1932

[Object]  T 245: Shield

Votive shield. Complete with arm and hand strap. Hand strap broken off but repaired. Painted red. Splotches of spilt black lustrous glaze. Cream slip inside. Pinkish buff clay. Πήλινο αναθηματικό ομοίωμα ... 28 April 1932


[Object]  T 265: Relief Plaque

Plaque with battle scene; youth attacking rider. Mended from four fragments; edge along top broken. Top of head of standing youth missing, and tip of shield which he holds on his left arm. Perhaps a trial ... 10 May 1932


[Object]  T 313: Male Head

Bearded, bald head. Chips missing from brow, beard, left cheek, and back of head. No trace of attachment ot body. Handmade, but skilfully deeply modelled with engraving tool. No certain traces of paint ... 1 June 1932


[Object]  T 333: Thanatos or Hypnos Figurine

Youthful male figure with outspread wings stands cross-legged leaning against a low tree stump behind him. End of left wing broken off. His right hand rests on his left shoulder. By his left side stands ... 9 June 1932


[Object]  T 378: Mask of Silenus Type

Complete; no back, and no evidence of attachment. Bald head with only a tuft of hair, sharply projecting brows, sunken cheeks, long moustaches and wide beard. Remains of white slip and traces of bright ... 10 March 1933


[Object]  T 478: Mask

Life size comic mask. Mended from many pieces. The mask does not include the ears. It has a finished edge right and left just in front of the ears. The eyes and nostrils are pierced. At the sides, level ... 10 June 1933


[Object]  T 511: Female with Child Figurine

The head missing, and most of the feet. The edges finished. The woman, seated, clothed in a long garment, holds a suckling child on her left arm, and holds her breast with her right hand. Mould-made; open ... 31 January 1934

[Object]  T 519: Female Head

Broken at neck and behind. Head in high headdress. Gouged technique. Restored with T 511. Late Roman. In red fill. Found with L 1259. Leica, color slide, 81-385 ... 13 February 1934

[Object]  T 524: Mask

Boukranion mask. Mended from three pieces. The eyes and nostrils pierced, and a hole in the forehead (for hanging ?). The forehead incised to represent hair. Remains of red color on the face. Leica, 81-400 ... 24 February 1934


[Object]  T 583: Torso of Male Figurine

Head, arms and legs broken off. The left leg and the left arm were raised, and the upper part of the body turned toward the left. Heavy muscles, rather coarsely modelled. The whole was covered with white ... 27 March 1934


[Object]  T 751: Chariot and Charioteer Figurine

The chariot, with flat floor and straight walls front and sides, rests on a rectangular base. The base is broken along one side; on the preserved side it is pierced by two small holes. The pole broken ... 16 March 1935


[Object]  T 807: Seated Draped Mourning Female Figurine ...

Fragment a) Seated draped figure, the arms held up to the sides of the head in a gesture of lamentation. On the back of the head, painted locks; the nose, although it is broken off with the top of the ... 8 April 1935


[Object]  T 862: Draped Actor Figurine

Bearded man with bushy hair and open mouth; a tragic actor in a mask. Broken off below waist; the top of the head and the right arm also missing. Part of a square opening in the back remains. Traces of ... 21 May 1935


[Object]  T 1017: Head of Female Figurine

A smiling face with sharply marked features. Broken off at neck. Hair pulled back in irregular ridges, to knot on top. Traces of white color. Light red clay. Cf. T 861, T 2568. Hellenistic fill. Hellenistic-Early ... 2 March 1936

[Object]  T 1097: Seated Draped Female Figurine with Child

Mended from two pieces. The upper part of the child 's figure missing, and the upper right corner of the throne; otherwise complete except for chips. A throne figure, wearing a long plain chiton, holds ... 4 April 1936

[Object]  T 1203: Female Head

Broken off at shoulder. Woman 's head with hair falling in heavy mass over shoulders and down back, bound above with a fillet. Black glaze on hair, fillet and edge of dress. In Byzantine fill. Leica, ... 23 May 1936


[Object]  T 1295: Mold for Hermes Figurine

Broken off above the knees. Mold for Hermes figure, facing, wearing short chlamys and pilos, and carrying the caduceus in his left hand; an uncertain object in his right. Hard pink clay. ADDENDA: Hermes ... 4 February 1937


[Object]  T 1364: Horse Figurine

Fragments of the body and most of the tail, missing, together with the wheels on which the horse ran. An elaborately bridled and collared horse, intended to be drawn by a string; horizontally pierced at ... 9 March 1937

[Object]  T 1421: Rattle: Bear

Intact rattle in shape of bear walking. Inside, several small pellets. The two hind legs are joined together; the left foreleg is added separately by hand. Details gouged. Mold made lengthwise in two pieces ... 9 April 1937


[Object]  T 1422: Rattle: Dog

Rattle in shape of dog seated on its haunches. Pellets, if any, do not rattle. Vent hole in bottom. Mold made like T 1421 (lengthwise in two pieces). One half of the mold duller than the other. Two halves ... 9 April 1937

[Object]  T 1467: Female Head

Broken off at top on neck. The hair is bound with a kerchief, from which curls escape at the back. A bow (or two leaf ornaments) just above the brow. Large earrings. White color, with red over for lips ... 21 April 1937

[Object]  T 1469: Aphrodite Figurine

Nude woman with drapery falling off her hips. Hands, arms and legs below knees broken off. No traces of color. Red clay; somewhat micaceous. ADDENDA: It is joined with T 1521. Well. Baskets 1-4. Leica, ... 21 April 1937


[Object]  T 1510: Rattle in Dog Shape

Sitting dog, wearing a collar. Hole at back. Pellet inside. Traces of white on body and pink on eyebrows. Cf. G. Roux, title yet unknown, since book still in press, section Les Romains, p. 6. Πήλινη κουδουνίστρα, ... Card: mid 3rd c.-261 A.D.

[Object]  T 1662: Mask

Grotesque mask. Chipped above and elsewhere. Open mouth; negroid features. Face and neck shaped in a mold and then freely retouched. Fine pinkish buff clay, showing no trace of paint. Tholos, trench F, ... 19 March 1938


[Object]  T 1683: Standing Draped Actor Figurine

Broken off below ankles. Pot-bellied comic slave actor, masked; right hand raised to brow. Back rough where pressed into mould. No color. Pinkish clay. ADDENDA: Solid. Chronology: ca. 375 B.C. (publication) ... Publication: ca. 375 B.C.


[Object]  T 1731: Hedgehog Figurine

Feet and one of knobs on body missing. The animal 's quills are indicated by small rectangular knobs. Attached to his back and sides are nine (originally ten) roughly hemispherical knobs, six of them with ... 14 May 1938


[Object]  T 1818: Mask

Several joining fragments preserved most of the face of a nearly-life-sized tragic mask. Long curls hang at the sides; large holes for the eyes; nostrils pierced; mouth very small. Also three other fragments ... 23 May 1938


[Object]  T 1854: Bird Figurine

A large dove on a high circular base. Tail and some of back missing. Gouged details. Ample traces of white on surface, and faint traces of other colors. Red clay. Well. Container 110. 617 Leica, color ... 28 May 1938


[Object]  T 1931: Impression of Warrior

Slightly chipped. On its face a (negative) impression of a warrior to right, from the waist up, shield and spear in left hand, right hand raised. He wears attic helmet with plume, short-sleeved tunic with ... 10 March 1939

[Object]  T 2010: Impression of Relief Mirror

Broken off below. An impression made by pressing a heavy lump of clay against some circular object, presumably a mirror-cover. The upper part of the scene is preserved; three figures and a hovering Eros ... 3 May 1939

[Object]  T 2061: Head of Apollo Figurine

First interpretation: head of woman. Head of Apollo, at fairly large scale, tipped slightly to his right. Broken off at neck; chips missing. The hair is parted in the center and drawn over the brows to ... 20 May 1939


[Object]  T 2065: Male Mask

Complete comic mask. Long pointed beard; cheeks bulging at corners of mouth; blunt nose and popping eyes; irregularly arched eyebrows. Pierced at either side at point where ear should be, for suspension, ... Publication: ca. 350 B.C.


[Object]  T 2107: Mold for Seated Draped Male Figurine

Two large joining fragments of mold for a figure draped to the waist, nude above. Part of left and right edges preserved; broken above and below. Careful work. Pink to buff clay. To east of Drain, layer ... 7 June 1939

[Object]  T 2202: Female Head

Broken off at bottom of neck, and chipped at back. The hair wavy around the face, at the back enveloped in a kerchief which projects in a point. Traces of white. Dark buff clay. Middle terrace, brown fill, ... 3 May 1940


[Object]  T 2219: Female Head

Broken off at bottom of neck; top-knot chipped off. From the top of her head, something has been broken away. Woman 's head bent to her left. She wears earrings, and her hair is covered by a long loose ... 7 May 1940

[Object]  T 2232: Relief Fragment

Relief plaque of lioness attacking a bull. Original surface preserved at top and at lower part of right side. Back broken. Head and foreshoulder of lioness preserved. Bull 's head missing. She is bitting ... Card: 4th c. B.C.


[Object]  T 2427: Female Head

The hair is drawn down in loose waves to the nape, and is crowned by a heavy rolled wreath. The head is bent slightly to her left; she wears earrings (one missing). A few flecks of white remain. Brownish-yellow ... 22 July 1947

[Object]  T 2434: Turtle Figurine

The shell mold made; the underside and the legs stuck on by hand; vent-hole beneath. The legs are turned down, not out. Complete except for head and one leg broken off. No traces of color. Pinkish clay ... 23 July 1947


[Object]  T 2455: Female Head

Head with wavy hair parted in the middle and crowned with a small wreath. Broken off across the neck. No remains of color. Pink to buff clay. Great Drain, sand fill; found with two coins of 1st. half of ... 31 July 1947


[Object]  T 2495: Male Head

Bearded head with heavy moustache and curling hair crowned by a drapery roll (rolled fillet). Broken off at neck. Hair worked behind. Traces of white, with red on face and hair and fillet. Light buff clay ... 13 October 1947


[Object]  T 2968: Female Head

Plump face, the features fairly well preserved; the curly hair gathered into a loose knot at the nape, and crowned by a wreath of large leaves with two round ornaments at the front. Broken at neck. Traces ... 9 July 1949

[Object]  T 3055: Male Head

Grotesque bearded head with thick nose and great lentoid eyes. Gouged style. Head only preserved; the front and back parts broken apart, and mended, with chips missing at sides. Traces of red, yellowish ... 13 April 1951

[Object]  T 3255: Female Head

Female head wearing veil and stephane; long curls. The fabric strangely like plastic lekythos. No slip. Curious yellowish-green hard clay. ADDENDA Secondary archetype. Surface, found under tracks. Leica, ... 18 April 1953


[Object]  T 3337: Standing Female Figurine

Standing female figure; upraised arms covered by wing-sleeves. Flaring headdress, concave on top; shirt flares to form base of figure, concave beneath. Pellet breasts. Mended from several pieces, complete ... 30 December 1953

[Object]  T 3368: Male Mask: Warrior's Head

Bearded head, wearing a soft cap or a helmet with flaps turned back. The second alternative would explain the breaks at sides where something projected upward. Mouth open with upper teeth indicated. Edges ... 28 April 1954

[Object]  T 3387: Idol

Φ-idol, intact. A long braid of hair hangs down her back to the waist. Features and decoration in red glaze. Pinkish clay. Πήλινο Μυκηναϊκό ειδώλιο τύπου Φ. φέρει επάλληλες ταινίες από ερυθρό γάνωμα. Mycenaean ... 9 June 1954

[Object]  T 3388: Idol

Φ-idol, mended from two pieces. Same style and decoration as the last (T 3387), but the clay fired light greenish-buff and the black glaze of the decoration almost all peeled off. Πήλινο Μυκηναϊκό ειδώλιο ... 9 June 1954


[Object]  T 3393: Impression of Metal Work

The impression was taken from a relief worked in repousse on a plaque 0.073m. high and 0.105m. long. Intact, except for minor chips. Toward the left end were rivets (two out of an original three) for fastening ... 12 June 1954


[Object]  T 3444: Apollo Kitharoidos Figurine

A child's rattle. Κουδουνίστρα με σχήμα Απόλλωνος Κιθαρωδού. Well in Branch of aqueduct. 1203 ff. Leica, 80-146, color slide ... 1 August 1955

[Object]  T 3531: Protome Fragments of Kore

Fragment a), face and part of hair preserved. About half life size. Tight curls around face. Fragment b), another fragment preserves part of the top and back of the head with finished edge, and the left ... 14 May 1957


[Image]  2008.02.0013

Statuette of Harpokrates ... 7569-7570 Horizontal (normal)


[Image]  2008.02.0014

Statuette of Harpokrates ... 7569-7570 Horizontal (normal)


[Image]  2008.02.0015

Statuette of Harpokrates ... 7569-7570 Horizontal (normal)