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[Object]  P 5262: Red Figure Lekythos

Squat lekythos. Heavy rounded body with ring foot, one handle and a narrow neck; the handle and lip missing; a small hole broken in the back. On the body, opposite handle, and on an egg-pattern band for ... 4 April 1935


[Object]  P 5694: Red Figure Stemless Cup Fragment

Fragment from bottom of stemless cup. Part of central medallion preserved, with partly draped woman reclining left but looking right. Around exterior of medallion part of a tongue pattern, incised beneath ... 16 May 1935


[Object]  P 5865: Red Figure Bell Krater Fragment

From a bell krater; traces of handle attachment at left; good glaze fired red to black inside. Female figure, wearing a Doric chiton, right. Her right arm is bent at the elbow, the hand raised, with the ... 28 May 1935


[Object]  P 6053: Red Figure Hydria

Mended from many pieces; one side handle and several body fragments lacking. Concave ring foot; eggy body with rather flat shoulder; rim flat on top. Vertical handle, shoulder to just below rim. Upper ... 15 June 1935


[Object]  P 6980: Red Figure Pyxis Fragment

Fragment from the wall of a straight-sided pyxis; part of the rim, with flange for lid, inset, preserved. A woman standing right, her head bent; she wears a thin-sleeved chiton and a cloak flung loosely ... 7 March 1936


[Object]  P 7893: Black Figure Lid

Two chips missing from rim. Pot-shaped handle. Flanged underneath; unglazed. On the top, two rows of dots separated by a band; then a broad black band divided by a reserved line; a red band over the black ... 28 May 1936


[Object]  P 7897: Black Figure Lebes Gamikos

The lid P 7893 belongs to this lebes. Much missing from the upper part; the stand is intact except for chips, but there is no direct join between it and the body of the base. Nearly half the body is missing, ... 28 May 1936


[Object]  P 8709: Red Figure Cup: Type C

From the upper part of a cup with offset lip. Nothing of the medallion preserved. On the outside, a dancer moving right (maenad), looking back. She wears a kerchief around her head and a chiton decorated ... 1936


[Object]  P 9445: Epinetron

The open end of a plain epinetron preserved, with slightly flaring double-grooved rim. Restored in plaster. Two holes in center of curve, just inside rim. Light brown clay. Covered inside and out with ... 19 March 1937

[Object]  P 9630: Stamnos with Paint Decoration

Mended from many fragments; bits of lip, shoulder and base, and much of lower body missing. Restored in plaster. Ring foot, egg-shaped body, small lip rectangular in section, two horizontal handles rising ... 31 March 1937