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[Object]  MC 948: Spindle Whorl

Slender concave-conical, with nearly flat bottom. Two incised lines around it half way up, and a reserved line at edge of bottom. Firm velvety glaze. Publication: ca. 500 B.C. Well A. Box 10. Late 6th-early ... Publication: ca. 500 B.C.

[Object]  MC 1129: Loom Weight

Chipped. Pyramidal. Four-sided with flat top and bottom. Pierced by hole 0.013 m. from top. Dull black glaze on upper two thirds. Pinkish buff clay. Beneath Byzantine floor west of Hieron, S.W. of S.W ... 6 July 1967

[Object]  MC 1193: Loom Weight

Complete. Pyramidal, stamped. Plain on bottom, stamped with three rosettes on each of three sides, two rosettes on fourth side, one rosette on top. Slightly gritty brown-beige clay. Roman House ε, room ... 21 July 1971

[Object]  MC 1230: Loom Weight

Chips off base. Pyramidal, stamped. Flat top, flat bottom, pierced by circular hole lying 0.015 below top. On top have circular stamp with letter H inside it. Curved with dark red glaze much worn; only ... 30 June 1973


[Object]  MC 1499: Loom Weight

Chipped around bottom edge. Pyramidal. Suspension round hole 0.009 from top. Faint traces of black glaze on underside. Hard orangish-pink fabric. S.W. of well. Basket 93. 7355 ... 12 July 1996


[Object]  MC 1502: Loom Weight

Intact. Pyramidal, stamped. Flat top and bottom. Single suspension hole pierced near top. Stamped on four sides and top with star pattern. Two to three per side; one on top. No glaze. Orange fabric. Early ... 8 July 1997


[Object]  P 1241: Black Figure Cup Fragments: Banded

Mended from nine pieces; nearly all of one side preserved. The figured zone shows alternate satyrs and maenads, dancing in couples, the satyrs left. Traces of white indicate the arms of the maenads; faint ... August-September 1932


[Object]  P 1544: Black Figure Skyphos

Mended from many fragments. Fragments of rim and side and part of one handle restored. Comast scene. A) On either end a wreathed man dancing right. In the center, a woman playing the flutes; behind, a ... August-September 1932


[Object]  P 2574: Red Figure Cup Fragments: Type B

Mended from many pieces, about one-eighth of the rim preserved and three-quarters of the base. Both handles missing. The top of the medallion gone and pieces from the center. The outside lacks nearly all ... August-September 1932


[Object]  P 3563: Black Figure Stamnos

Mended from many pieces; considerable portions missing, and restored in plaster. Ring foot; flat projecting rim with raised edge around the inside. Two horizontal handles. Coarse reddish buff clay; buff ... 16-17 April 1934