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[Object]  P 22551: Amphora Fragment

Preserved only to spring of neck; handles and large fragments of wall missing, including the upper part of the shoulder panel on one side. Shape, type II a (R-M). Tongue pattern on foot; double series ... 25 July 1952

[Object]  P 22691: Amphora Fragment

Amphora fragment mended from two pieces. Slightly convex. Front part of donkey or mule to right; nostril, teeth and jawbone incised; white of eye reserved. Upper left, pendent spiral; below, row of open ... May 1952


[Object]  P 23200: Black Figure Neck Amphora

Intact, except tiny chips from rim and foot; cracked. Reserved: rim above, inside of handles, "ring" at the join of foot, lower part of the profile of the foot and the underside of it. Glazed: inside of ... 5 May 1953


[Object]  P 23267: Black Figure Cup Fragment

Broken all around. From side of Little Master cup. Horse and rider, left. No clear trace of added color. Old Grid: ca. 45/Λ. Hellenistic fill. Leica ... 15 May 1953


[Object]  P 23850: Red Figure Oinochoe

Part of lip and chips from foot missing; otherwise intact. Trefoil lip. A boy, nude, walking right, leading a horse by a long rein which hangs over his bent left arm; in his outstretched right hand he ... 19 April 1954


[Object]  P 24032: Amphora

Neck and one handle missing. Long oval body, band handles looping out. Very slightly flaring ring foot. On neck, a panel enclosed by three lines on each side. A) Two marching hoplites with round shields ... 25 May 1954


[Object]  P 24114: Red Figure Cup: Inscribed

Mended from several pieces; fragments missing. Thin foot strongly thickened at the edge; a groove around the upper surface. Inside, a reserved band around the tondo. Within, an ivy-crowned, bearded ithyphallic ... 4 June 1954


[Object]  P 24661: Panathenaic Amphora

Mended from many pieces; one handle, piece from mouth, fragments from walls and chips from foot missing. On neck: palmettes. A) Athena, left; on each pillar an owl. Plastic ring at join of neck, line ... 11 March 1955


[Object]  P 30197: Red Figure Column Krater

Mended from many pieces and restored in plaster. Foot with double torus moulding. Overhanging rim. Main side shows mounted Amazon riding right attacking hoplite. Amazon wears cap, striped trousers and ... 27 June-5 August 1972


[Object]  S 399: Base with Relief of Charioteer, Warrior ...

The base has been hacked away on top and in the back; great, rough cuttings extend from the central rectangular cutting on the top, presumably made when the base was first cut, to support what ever stood ... 4th c. B.C.