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[Object]  P 2084: Klepsydra with Dipinto

Mended from two pieces, one small fragment does not join. Lower part of large pot. Flat bottom, slightly projecting. Immediately above it is a small clay spout corresponding to an opening pierced through ... 29 May 1933


[Object]  P 23864: Storage Amphora with Dipinto: Mendean

Fragment from neck. Broken all around. Two letters in red at base of neck: mu, epsilon: Light brown micaceous clay. ADDENDA Many more fragments added. Restored. Profile preserved. Mendean amphora ... 13 April 1954


[Object]  P 28470: Lid Fragment with Dipinto

Mended from ten pieces. Preserved is handle, about 0.055m. of edge, and about one-fourth of lid. Simple lid with handmade knob handle at center top. Rounded edge. Top painted with letters with parts of ... 14 May 1971