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[Object]  B 146: Dikast's Ballot

Entire; pierced. Clearing area of S.W. building, disturbed. Leica, Color slide, 80-130 ... 28 February 1934


[Object]  B 822: Dikast's Ticket

Broken off at the right. Very thin. Inscribed in punched letters. Eνεπίγραφο δικαστικό πινάκιο. Φέρει αποκρούσεις στη μία του πλευρά. Acropolis Museum Temporary Exhibition (May 2010) House C, room 4, layer ... 13 October 1947


[Object]  B 1056: Dikast's Ballot

Intact. Solid hub. Obverse : plain Reverse : E Δικαστική ψήφος, με ανάγλυφη παράσταση γράμματος "Ε". Terrace, first northern extension. Metals Room 90-27 Nov. 24, 2003-April 15, 2004 2773 Leica, color ... 27 November 1953


[Object]  I 3244: Monument

Inscribed stele. Complete pedimented stele, preserved with tongue at bottom for setting into cutting. Back rough. Diaitetai record; archonship of Charikleides; a reconciliation agreement between the Salaminians ... 363/2 B.C.

[Object]  I 5376: Mortgage Stone

Intact save minor fractures. A rough irregularly-shaped slab of poor quality marble. Front roughly dressed with tooth chisel; back rough picked; edges completely irregular. Six lines of the inscription ... 29 March 1938

[Object]  I 5478: Boundary Stone Fragment

Inscribed fragment. The lower part and right side broken away; the top curved; in the back a large circular cutting. Chisel marks not removed from inscribed face. Four lines of the inscription preserved ... 4th. century B.C.


[Object]  I 5510: Boundary Stone

Inscribed boundary stone of Agora. The corners of its upper are much rubbed. All surfaces were roughly picked. On the broad face that looks norheast, a band was smoothed with a toothed chisel across the ... 27 February 1938


[Object]  I 7001: Mortgage Stone

Block roughly rectangular in shape. Surface roughly dressed with a point in part; elsewhere natural smooth surface of the stone has been left and on this the inscription is written. Sliver broken from ... 10 May 1965


[Object]  I 7396: Dedication

Inscribed stele with relief. Upper front right corner broken away and surface somewhat worn and flaked, but otherwise complete. Tall stele with cavetto capital the face of which has a sculpted relief with ... 26 May 1972

[Object]  P 889: Lopas

Mended from several fragments; large part of body and bottom restored in plaster. Rounded bottom; squat body; flange for lid within out-turned rim; two handles, round in section, rising nearly vertically ... 24 February 1932


[Object]  P 2084: Klepsydra with Dipinto

Mended from two pieces, one small fragment does not join. Lower part of large pot. Flat bottom, slightly projecting. Immediately above it is a small clay spout corresponding to an opening pierced through ... 29 May 1933


[Object]  P 23864: Storage Amphora with Dipinto: Mendean

Fragment from neck. Broken all around. Two letters in red at base of neck: mu, epsilon: Light brown micaceous clay. ADDENDA Many more fragments added. Restored. Profile preserved. Mendean amphora ... 13 April 1954


[Object]  P 28470: Lid Fragment with Dipinto

Mended from ten pieces. Preserved is handle, about 0.055m. of edge, and about one-fourth of lid. Simple lid with handmade knob handle at center top. Rounded edge. Top painted with letters with parts of ... 14 May 1971