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[Object]  B 96: Ornament

An inscribed ornament in the shape of a bird. One of the feet of the bird is missing. The bird faces right and is carrying a curiously shaped object on his back. At the back is a projecting piece of bronze ... 12 April 1933


[Object]  B 152: Weight

The back is scooped out. On the obverse, an owl, standing left, his head facing, crudely incised. 1/6 mina. Modern fill. Leica, 4-201, 4-214, XXXIX-48 ... 28 February 1934


[Object]  B 650: Peacock

Small peacock, cast in two halves, which have separated. Tha tail, which was set in , is missing, and there is a hole in the middle of the breast. Wings ornamented with two rows of small incised concentric ... 25 April 1939

[Object]  B 1388: Bridle Piece

Intact. Bridle attachment in the shape of a bird facing right. The eye is shown by a round relief circle. On the body the letters for Constans II. Three attachment holes, one at neck, one at tail and one ... Card: 662-663 A.D.


[Object]  BI 511: Carved Ivory Pyxis

Broken and split into many pieces, but largely complete; one side slightly higher than the other. A cylindrical box, tapering very slightly toward the top. The flat lid is held in place by a projecting ... 26 May 1939